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There are many different ‘eating lifestyles’ out in the world; thus a plethora of information and disinformation abound. I would like to focus on what I consider to be a healthful eating pattern ~ a balance of the macro-nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. This eating could also tend towards a more Paleo-ish style, meaning grain free and mostly legume free. The benefits of eating this way are many: a healthful weight/bmi; greater energy and happiness; more sound sleep; balanced hormones; reduction of inflammation and disease.  As a further endorsement, this has been my eating lifestyle for 20+ years, and is what I advocate and teach my clients ☺

Assume everything mentioned is organic and non-GMO, for best health!

Your cupboards:  Legumes of all sorts, both canned and dried (black beans, lentils, garbonzos, etc.); good quality soups/chili; some type of balanced snack bar; canned salmon, sardines, and low mercury tuna; protein powders (dairy/egg/green); teas of all sorts, especially yerba matte (high in anti-oxidants); coffee.  If including grain is in your best interest: brown rice, quinoa, and long cooking or split cut oats. Honey and maple syrup (if your waist line and blood sugar says yes), or xylitol (non GMO and non corn) if not. Sweet potatoes and possibly small, baby red potatoes.

Your refrigerator:  Filtered water, hemp or coconut milk, kombucha, iced teas or coffee. Fish oil! Home made or store bought bone broth! Organic eggs; fresh, seasonal  fruit (low glycemic); fresh vegetables of all types (low to mid-glycemic).  Portion sizes of salmon, chicken, beef or pork ~ ready for a quick meal.  Pre-prepared salads (that YOU made, in your kitchen), ready for a quick meal. String cheese, yogurt, low fat cheeses (gouda/mozzarella) ~ unless you are following a Paleo lifestyle. Kimchi or other fermented veggies. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or cashews ~ enough for one week.

Your freezer:  Homemade chili, soups and stews:  make a large pot and freeze for quick dinners later on. Salmon, chicken, pork, beef (low fat cuts such as flank steak), shrimp.
Frozen veggies. Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts (please freeze as temp changes cause the fat in these nuts to become rancid, hence freezing until needed is the best policy).

Nothing on your counter except a beautiful bowl of seasonal fruit:  Following the rule of ‘first seen, first eaten’! ☺

Enjoy your good health!!

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