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Ever notice that it seems like technology can seep into every moment of your life and take over?  Let’s face it ~ we live in a world where our iphones, tablets, and computers are a big part of our life.  They are all important tools but it’s important to put them into perspective.  Do you ever step away from your techie tools and take a break?  Possibly have a time out every day, or a day off each week?  Here’s the scoop on digital detox, an increasingly popular way to set limits on our technology use.

Physical benefits: Taking time away from technology can help you avoid musculoskeletal changes that occur when you use your devices.  Neck, back, wrist and rotator cuff issues, among others, are common problems.

Mental benefits: Taking a break from whatever you are working on can actually make you more productive and alert than spending hours pouring over the same material.  It also allows you to spend time with the loved ones in your life, and see there is a whole other world out there that you are missing! Such as hobbies, sports and other varied interests.

Separate work and home technology: Having separate phones for work and business, and also separate email accounts, allows one to turn off the business phone at days end. With the business email, set a limit on how many times a day you check that, and also make an effort to disconnect with that you shut off the business phone.  

Put important tasks first and set limits:  If there is an important task that needs your attention, make it a priority to get that done before tackling emails or other business minutia. I find this to be a great tool and am indeed amazed how much I can done once I mute the cell phone and really get down to business!

Time off from tech at nights: A cardinal rule, from sleep experts, is to keep ALL tech devices out of the bedroom as they emit blue light (even when charging), which disrupts sleep. More than that, it’s about putting boundaries on all things that ping, call or otherwise interfere when we need to be downloading our brains and just relaxing!  I’ve told all my clients, and loved ones, that my cell phone goes off at 7:00 each nite.  If it’s important they can simply leave a message and I’ll respond in the morning. ☺ 

No-Tech Sundays:  Becoming increasingly popular is to set aside an entire day each week, usually a Sat or Sun, to turn off all devices and just BE.  In a family where both parents have active careers it can help you step back, regroup, and breathe new life into family time.  

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