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With the crazy-busy lives we all have, plus the ever increasing pressure instant technology places on us, it’s fairly evident stress is a part of everyday life for most of us.  A little known fact is that there is good stress and bad stress.  A funny thought is that if we NEVER had any stress, we might not make any positive changes in our lives!  Stress as an occasional catalyst (acute stress), in our lives is a good thing, and can cause us to grow and blossom.  Unfortunately, the bad stress that most of us are all-too-familiar with (chronic stress) can be responsible for a train wreck of ailments, ultimately leading to disease. Chronic stress has been linked to heart disease, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and may actually even shrink the brain!!  However, acute stress may ‘prime the brain’ for improved performance ☺  Here’s the latest stats on stress:

Of all doctor visits 75 - 90% are for stress related ailments/complaints. 

Job related stress tops concerns with 80% of workers saying they feel stress at work; almost half say they need help learning to manage their stress; 42% say their co-workers need help with stress.

Stress in the workplace causes healthcare costs of $125 - 190 BILLION a year!! 

Long term stress disrupts almost all of the body’s processes and increases the risk of numerous health concerns.

My advice as a health care professional?  Movement!
 Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, walking, riding, running, hiking, swimming, …..the list goes on.  And, studies continue to show that movement done in ‘green spaces’ is the best, lowering the stress level as much, if not more, than pharmaceutical drugs! 

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