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As a culture, we’re not just drowning in sugary liquid calories, but were also neck deep in opinions about the best way to eat to loose weight!  Everyone from Facebook friends, to health bloggers, to co-workers, family and friends have advice for us! So and so advises getting off all gluten really works, or possibly going grain free.  Another well meaning friend assures us that coconut water is the answer. Who to believe? Below are seven tactics backed by the latest science.

Drink water before meals. Filling the tank with a glass of water before eating expands the stomach making you feel more full, making it easier to control food intake.

Counting your bites. This tactic allows you to document your food intake.  Reducing your bite count is a reliable way to limit food intake, therefore loosing weight.  

Avoid grazing during the day.  We have become a nation of grazers, but studies show that nibbling all day does not reduce the tendency to overeat at mealtimes, and may actually cause one to put on weight instead.

Resisting temptation from packaging that touts weight loss benefits.  If a product label has the word ‘fitness’ in it, studies show that people eat more of it!

Eat your heaviest meal earlier in the day.  Research shows that people tend to burn more fat in the morning and less in the evening.

Ordering restaurant meals online.  People tend to buy fewer extra items when they place their order online, preventing excess calorie consumption.  No waiter is standing nearby trying to tempt them with an order of ‘chocolate lava cake’ when they are actually full ☺

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