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Ever notice that some days you have a terrific workout, whereas other days it’s more like ‘sheesh ~ why did I bother?!’  There is a bit of science involved in getting a good workout, but I’m about to give you the Cliff Notes that will guarantee success.  The following tips are ones my clients and I use, that should work for you ~ barring bad hormone or Full Moon days!

Sleep:  focus on getting between 7 & ½ -9 hours sleep the night before.  This will successfully line up the appropriate hormones and have you rarin’ to go!

Proper hydration:  Once you arise and feet hit the floor, make your way to the kitchen and drink 8-16 ounces of water to ‘prime the pump’.  Carry a water bottle with you and drink while working out.  Make sure it’s pure water, not something carbonated, which will serve to dehydrate you.

Adequate fuel (food & timing):  Most people have a far better workout with some fuel in the belly, and that food/fuel should be consumed at least an hour to hour and half before the workout.  Liquids = one hour before.  Solids = one and half (minimum) hours before, to allow for digestion.  

Workout order:  If you are looking to gain lean body mass (muscle) and loose body fat, the best way to go is do your resistance training first and follow it with your cardio of choice.  Doing it the other way around will just take energy away from your weight  training and cause you to be less productive.

Post workout fuel: For optimal workout recovery it’s best to consume a snack or meal either directly after your workout, or within 90 minutes, at the latest! Your body will thank you and use this fuel to aid in recovery.  Not following this principle will lengthen recovery time and often lead to achy muscles.

Stretching & Hydration:  Never stretch a cold muscle, but always stretch after your workout.  Your muscles will thank you, and accompanied by more of that fresh, clean water will hasten your recovery and alleviate tight, sore muscles.   

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