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Did you know that not having enough water will prevent you from loosing weight? How about the fact that water helps energize you when tired?  Or that water is a natural appetite suppressant, helping you stay comfortably full? All of these statements about water are absolutely true.  In fact, water may be the ONLY real ‘magic solution’ to not only achieve weight loss but help you keep it off ~ permanently! 

Water helps metabolize stored body fat!  If you decrease your water intake you will cause fat deposits to increase.  Conversely, if you increase water intake it will help you decrease stored body fat! Here’s why: The kidneys need plenty of water to function optimally. If they don’t get it some of the workload is transferred to the liver.  One of the main functions of your liver is to metabolize stored fat for energy.  However, if the liver has to take over and do some of the work of the kidneys it can’t work up to full capacity. Therefore, it metabolizes less fat from the body, more remains stored, and your weight loss stops.

Suffering from fluid retention?  Drink more water!  The human body is rather like a camel and will store water if it isn’t getting enough, perceiving the lack of water as a threat to the body’s survival. The solution?  Start drinking water!! 

How much water is enough, on a daily basis? The recipe is quite simple:  Weigh yourself and divide that number in half; that number is the amount you need on a daily basis, without any extraneous factors.  Those factors would be heat, humidity, exercise, prescription meds, sugar, alcohol or caffeine.  Since we all have at least one of these factors present, I suggest to clients that they add 8 – 16 oz of water to their daily number, just in case. It may seem like a lot, especially if you aren’t used to drinking water. Start slowly and work up ☺

Other factoids:  Water helps maintain good muscle tone, helping to prevent sagging skin that might occur with weight loss.  Water helps the body flush out waste products, often produced with weight loss.  Water helps relieve constipation by promoting healthy bowel function.  

What happens if I forget and stop drinking water?  Your body will get thrown out of balance, you’ll likely begin to suffer from fluid retention, begin inexplicably gaining weight, and loose your natural thirst.  The answer:  Just start drinking water again!  It may take a few days to reset the balance, but rest assured it will occur, and you’ll once again be back on track. 

But what if I don’t like water?? ~ as I’ve heard many clients say, over the years.  Try drinking it with plenty of ice, or with slices of lemon.  Another idea would be to substitute herbal teas (yerba matte’ is fine) for some of your daily water.  No caffeinated teas allowed as they increase your need for water!  Also, carbonated water isn’t ‘real’ water ~ the carbonation will actually make you dehydrated.  Try it while working out sometime and see if you don’t agree! 

An added bonus:  Within a week of drinking your correct amount of water, on a daily basis, you’ll likely loose at least 5lbs, and your clothes will seem looser.  Why is that? Because your body is finally getting enough water, and doesn’t need to store it, like a camel!  All systems are now running smoothly, and you will feel much better as a result ☺

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