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Are you a career oriented person who spends 47 – 60 hours a week working?
Wish you had time to work out but have absolutely NO idea how to fit it in?
Or, do you feel nailed to your chair, positive that you can’t possibly leave, and perhaps even fearful that taking time off during the day will make it harder to get your work done? Do you realize, too, that so much time spent sitting is horrible for your health? 

Hang on, because here comes the really great news!  Even 5 minutes of movement can make people more successful at their jobs.  In fact, studies correlate workplace exercise with job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success.  If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, instead of reaching for an energy drink or high calorie snack, try a short burst of training (5-10 mins), or a short walk ~ say around the building?  Note:  walking in ‘green spaces’ has a positive effect on happiness, and huge impact on opening up creativity!

Not only does physical activity shake loose stubborn ideas that ‘stay stuck in your brain’ ☺, but exercise also decreases feelings of fatigue, anxiety and depression.  Studies show job burnout and depression is highest in those who get no exercise.  In fact, engaging in regular exercise not only creates better health, but can also help you earn a 6-10% wage increase! 

Quickie Office Workout

Chair Squat:  Begin seated in a chair, then stand up.  Challenge:  Do this w/out a chair.

Desk Pushup:  Place hands on desk, slightly wider than shoulder width apart.  Plank your body. Lower to the desk.  Too hard?  Do this against the wall.  Too easy? Do this on the floor, either on knees or toes.

Hip Bridges:  Lie on your back on the floor or a Yoga mat, knees bent to 45 degree angle, feet flat on the ground.  Drive hips up to ceiling.  Too easy?  Do this single legged, or with both feet on a chair.

Plank:  Lie on your mat face down, supporting yourself on your elbows. Rest on your knees or your toes, keeping your core (trunk) muscles nice and tight.  Hold for 10-30 seconds.

Dips:  Sit on the edge of a chair, or the step of a staircase.  Place one hand on each side of your body, as close as possible.  Lower hips down till you feel tricep muscles working (back of the arm).

Perform anywhere from 5-15 repetitions of each exercise, circuiting through all of them before starting over again.  Set your phone alarm and do anywhere from a 5 minute blitz (if that’s all the time you have), to a full 30 minute workout. Ahhhh! Energized and ready to go!!  Don’t you feel grand?!

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