The Super Powers of Bone Broth, Part 2 (The Recipe!)

I know you have been eagerly waiting for this recipe, to embark on your first batch of Bone Broth! My choice was to make chicken broth, though if beef or fish broth sound better you’ll find many recipes on the web.

A caveat:  You’ll need to set aside several days to make this soup, from start to finish.  Though the recipe says ‘prep time is 15 mins’, the process from start to finish is much longer, 2-3 days depending on how you spread out the process. In order to lower your stress level (remember, stress isn’t good for gut health J) I’d like to give you the original recipe, tell you how I made my first batch, then give you feedback on what I’ll do in the future.

Chicken Bone Broth

Prep time: 15 mins

Cook time 4-6 hrs

Yield: Approx 1 gallon

 3#chicken bones or carcasses (from 3-4 organic chickens)

            6-8 chicken feet or 1 pig’s foot (optional)

            1 whole organic chicken & 4-6 additional legs, thighs, or wings

            Enough filtered water to just cover the bones & meat in the pot

            ¼ to ½ c. apple cider vinegar (depends on size of pot)

            2-4 carrots, scrubbed and roughly chopped

            3-4 stalks of celery, including leafy part, scrubbed and chopped

            1 medium onion, cut into large chunks

            1-2 whole cloves

            2 t. peppercorns

            1 bunch parsley, added in the last hour

Place the bones, water and vinegar in very large stockpot (or *slow cooker).  Make sure you have enough water to cover everything by 1 inch. Bring to boil, add veggies and spices (except parsley), and immediately turn down to simmer.  You want the broth to barely simmer the entire time.  For the first 2 hours skim off the film on top with a shallow spoon. Be sure to keep the bones always covered with water.  Cook at least 4 hours, and up to 6.  Add parsley the last hour.

*If using slow cooker cook for 18-24 hours.

When broth is done, take stock pot off heat and remove all the chicken, bones, and veggies.  Refrigerate broth at least overnight, possibly longer. Remove fat layer from broth the next day. Save meat for other recipes.  Strain or skim broth, making sure that all small bones are removed.  Bottle your hard earned bone broth in pint or quart jars.  My first batch made 27 cups!!!  Freeze all but enough for 2-3 days at a time.

**Additional notes:  DON’T skip the vinegar: It helps dissolve the bones so that you get more nutrients out of them.  Skinless chicken feet or a pigs foot will add tons of gelatin. To make the skin slide off the chicken feet more easily, drop them in boiling water for 10-20 seconds.  Use organic meat or wild caught fish, to get the most nutrients. 

My First Batch!

Seriously ~ do you know anyone who has 3-4 chicken carcasses in their freezer?? That’s the first thing that came to mind when I read the article, not to mention my freezer did not contain the carcasses.  Not to be deterred, I moved on!  I used ½ c of vinegar, which seemed a bit much as the entire house smelled of vinegar later. However, the broth is very tasty, and I can’t even taste the vinegar when I drink my cupful each day. I used the maximum amount of veggies, which was just right. No chicken feet or pigs feet as I couldn’t find them; I’ve since located some at PCC, and I’m told Uwajimaya would be a good source.  Forgot the parsley ~ sigh ~ but all was well. I used my largest stock pot, which holds 10 quarts. If you have a larger stockpot by all means use it!  You’ll have that much more liquid gold to put in your freezer!

My plan for future batches:

I want the benefits of the collagen of 3-4 carcasses, but not the added work!  When I removed the meat, bones, skin and veggies I had quite a mess in the kitchen. You know the iphone smiley faces?  Well, I was the one with the teeth gritted and barred.  Grrrrr !

It took a fair amount of time to sort through the bones, skin, and veggies, in order keep the good meat. Thinking about those carcasses I didn’t have made me suddenly very happy ~ I knew it would have been even more of a cleanup if I’d had them in the pot!

Chicken feet are in the freezer ~ ready to go J

Hmmmm ~ I need to rethink how I buy chicken, was my next thought. Normally I buy chicken in parts, and sometimes whole chickens to roast or make soup.  I’ve decided to buy whole chickens from now on, roasting one a week, saving the carcass in my freezer.  Well before I’m ready to embark on the next batch of bone broth I’ll take all the carcasses, cover them with water, and make a very concentrated quart of stock.  This I’ll add to the bone broth when I make it each month! **important note: Keep enough for 3 days in your refrigerator, freezing the rest.

 Now, to be sure, this IS an endeavor. But you will be so tickled, as I was, when 27 days of good health are displayed on the counter, in your freezer ready jars!  Not to mention it really does taste delicious!!  Bon Appetite!























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