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Good News! No longer need we despair if we are NOT that model figure we see on TV, but instead carry 20, 30, or ~ because of various life events ~ 40 or more pounds of extra body fat. 

The causes of excess weight or obesity are fairly clear cut:  A high calorie diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle leads to an increase in white and brown adipose tissue, further causing metabolic disorders. However, if you add exercise into the mix, you normalize the white and brown adipose tissue, decrease fat mass and reduce metabolic disorders! Hence the term ‘Fat but Fit’. 

Researchers note that ‘Fat but Fit’ people have less visceral fat (the fat surrounding abdominal organs) than fat-but-unfit people. Changing from a sedentary lifestyle to one that is physically active turns on numerous genes of proteins responsible structural, physiological and metabolic changes.  These changes offer your heart protection, irrespective of weight loss!!

The take home message:  changing your lifestyle to a physically active one holds enormous health benefits. And, while you are engaged in being physically active a reasonable weight loss may occur, leading to additional healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent weight re-gain. 

Start moving; keep moving!  The best investment you ever made may well be hiring a Health and Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer!!

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