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We used to believe that only certain activities ‘qualified’ as being challenging enough to improve health and lower mortality.  Scientists have recently discovered that we don’t necessarily need to go for a run or a ride, or pump iron at the gym.  It seems that ANY activity, whether acquired at the gym or at work has protective benefits!  This is great news for many who work long hours and aren’t able to fit in extraneous physical activity.  

Studies showed that those who engaged in the most physical activity each week had the lowest risk of early death and CVD.  That said, only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, was linked with risk reduction.  

Take a moment to reflect on the type of work a UPS or Fed Ex driver does every day:  walking lengths of stairs or hills carrying multiple heavy packages.  Or anyone who drives a grocery delivery truck:  loading/unloading boxes and crates every day.  

Researchers found that even activity at low levels of intensity and duration can have health benefits. Low-level activity may not increase fitness levels as much, but it improves cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and mental well being.  All things that can lead to being and feeling healthier!

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