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The sad fact of aging is that as one gets older, especially in the sixth and seventh decade of life, muscle and bone loss occur.  Accompanying that decline is a host of undesirable events.  BUT, the marvelous news is that if one is proactive and engages in resistance training (weight training) wonderful things can happen!

The facts:  10% of sedentary adults over age 60 show meaningful muscle loss.  50% of sedentary adults over age 80 show notable muscle loss.  Here’s what happens:  Loss of muscle mass, and the accompanying muscular strength are both highly associated with type 2 diabetes, physical disability, cognitive decline (dementia), osteoporosis, and mortality. That’s right, if you engage in resistance training and increase muscle mass (even small increases are good), you will increase your lifespan! A walk won’t do it, nor will a yoga class, not even gardening ~ unless, of course, you are engaged in digging ditches and using a pickaxe!  Chopping wood is a qualifier, though ☺  Simple weight training exercises using dumbbells will do the trick.

In addition, researchers show that inactive people have double the risk of future mobility limitations, compared with those who engage in at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity physical activity.  

And if the above information is not enough to consider hitting the gym or hiring a Certified Personal Trainer to work with you in your home, check out the amazing bennies of resistance training:  Improved muscle quality, increase in bone density, improved metabolic health and insulin sensitivity, enhanced protein synthesis, helps reduce falls and fractures in older adults, can slow down age related accumulation of intramuscular and abdominal fat, lessens age related decreases in functional ability and neuromuscular function.  

Sadly, even with the aforementioned benefits, statistics show that only 8.7% of adults 75 and older engage in muscle strengthening activities.  My hope is that as the baby boomers move into their golden years an awareness of what health constitutes will cause many to become proactive and avoid rapid decline.

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