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It’s that time of year again, folks!  No matter your health and fitness goals this year, I’d like to offer you some practical tools for success. You’ve heard the saying ‘It takes a village..’?  Well, it’s never a matter of doing ONE thing right that guarantees success. It takes looking at all aspects of your life and tweaking things a bit.  Here are 8 steps that my clients and I use:

1) It’s ok to have a BIG goal but know that it’s time and baby steps that will get you there. Biting off too much, too soon is guaranteed to get you hurt, discouraged, or both.  The tortoise wins the race here…

2) Find an exercise or activity you love doing, and you’re more likely to stick with it.  If you find you don’t love it try something else!  There’s NO right or wrong exercise.

3) Strive for a minimum amount of movement in your life:  5 days, 30 mins at a time.  If that seems like too much to begin, break it into chunks: 10 mins here, 10 mins later on.  Be aware that minimum means this is a starting point. Of course, you will no doubt move far beyond that, as time goes on!!

4) Consider engaging the services of a Health and Fitness professional, such as myself.  We can help you assess your baseline fitness, do a body composition, and help with short and long term goal setting.

5) Eat breakfast and NEVER skip a meal! I understand ~ it took me years to get behind eating breakfast but it makes a huge difference, as does regular meals.  Not only with this increase your energy, but will also stabilize blood sugar and help you lose weight (yay!!)

6) Strive for 3 small, balanced meals, and 2 balanced snacks. As mentioned above, this balanced eating is key and will energize you all day, stabilize blood sugar, and assist in weight loss.

7) Sleep! 7 – 9 hours each night! I know ~ we are all so busy.  But seriously, this sleep thing is really a big deal. Sleeping well will help you stick to those h & f goals and be successful.  Cutting back on sleep dispenses too much cortisol, which compromises digestion, immune system, and actually causes weight GAIN, not a loss. Ugh... There are two parts to sleep success: 

     a) Turn OFF your cell phone, laptop, tablet, TV 60-90 minutes before you go to bed.  All devices emit blue light, which greatly interferes with a good night's sleep.

     b) Develop a series of rituals to prepare mind and body for sleep.  This will help you ‘gear down’ and sleep soundly. What you choose to do could be as simple as a hot shower, stretching, and reading a bit. I like to stretch, pet my ever-so-needy cat, and read a bit.

8) Factor in TRUE relaxation daily!  A caveat: this does not include TV time. TV engages the stress hormones.  Rather, look into your day and see how you could factor this in.  Could you go for a walk?  Meet a friend for coffee and laugh?  Attend a Yoga class?  Do some meditation?  A hike in nature?  Play with your children/grandchildren?  True relaxation will lower stress hormones, boost your immune system, and prevent disease.

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