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The human body in all its’ complexity is nothing short of amazing. Most of us have considered the various organs in our body, but have you ever taken time to consider the muscular systems that keep our body running smoothly every day? Muscles are involved in respiration and digestion (the involuntary muscle system, that happens without effort), as well as the voluntary, complex movements such as running, dancing and weightlifting!

Smooth muscles line blood vessels and organs, like our stomach, moving food along our digestive tract and helping maintain our circulation without any thought on our part. This is known as the involuntary muscle system.

Cardiac muscles in our heart are also part of the involuntary muscle system, and are involved in pumping blood throughout our bodies.

Skeletal muscles, attached by tendons to our bones, are the only ones consciously controlled helping us create movement.

Amazingly, our bodies contain over 600 muscles to keep us moving and functioning!! If you’ve ever wondered why the gym seemed SO much hotter 20 minutes into your workout, it’s because 85% of your body heat is generated by muscle contractions ☺ The body’s largest muscle is the gluteus maximus (le derrier!), and the strongest is the masseter (jaw), which allows us to produce force of up to 55 pounds on the incisors and 200 pounds on the molars, when we bite/chew our food!! Muscles make up about 40% of the body’s total weight.

Common muscle disorders include muscle inflammation, muscular dystrophies, metabolic muscle disorders, and neuromuscular junction disorders.

What should we do to keep our muscular system healthy? A regular exercise plan, a healthy, balanced diet combining lean protein and plant based foods (especially those with magnesium, to keep bones strong), and staying hydrated are the key takeaway points. Ensuring you have a good warmup and cooldown program in place will also go a long way in preventing muscle injuries.

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