Chronic Frenzy ~ What to do?

Most of us are barraged on a daily basis by a multitude of demands. If it’s not work or relationship pressure, or meeting all the demands of daily life, it’s pressure to be constantly connected to all our devices and respond to emails, texts, calls, FB, in a timely manner.

Focus is becoming a rare commodity. As a society, we are experiencing record breaking levels of distraction caused by the proliferation of technological devices. Many people feel so pressured by the unrelenting fire hose of messages delivered 24/7 that they risk lives to text/talk or email while driving.

Multi-tasking, still listed as a core competency for a variety of jobs exacts its own toll. When we focus on one conversation or task, we can be organized, creative, productive, or even brilliant! When we scatter and splatter our attention in many directions with a sort of ‘drive by focus’, we leave bits of it here, there and everywhere. Even if we have the opportunity to focus on one task, often the emotional frenzy of a lengthy to-do list or troubling personal events hinder our sense of well-being.

What to do? Tame your frenzy and sustain your focus. Using the same tools you would to enhance your health (exercise, rest, nutrition and mindfulness practices), identify one task, ONLY ONE, and stick to it for a planned period of time.

Apply the brakes: Turn off wireless devices, and if distractions occur, stop, breathe, and ask yourself if it’s urgent enough to trump your focus session. This tool is especially important for me. If I have a critical project I’ll always turn off the phone for in order to give my undivided attention to the work. It’s amazing what I can get done in a short period of time when I do this!

Access short term memory. When you are focused and working creatively, accessing and considering lots of relevant info will allow you to see new patterns.

Take a Brain Break! When intently involved in a focused session, check in with your brain every 10-15 minutes to ask if it’s: Tired? Needing a break or workout? Hungry or thirsty? Need to stretch? Wanting some spontaneity? Need to connect with another human being? Save small tasks like making tea, watering a plant, sweeping the floor, for your brain breaks. Better yet, move your body by stretching, going for a quick walk, playing with a pet.

End result? By focusing your mind on the big picture, single tasking and taking brain breaks you’ll be more calmly in control. No longer will you live in a state of chronic frenzy, lost among the trees, but will rise up to view the big picture, gaining a calm, wise perspective on your life!

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