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Walking is THE most highly recommended exercise for osteoporosis, but studies continue to confirm that it’s actually the least effective. However, if combined with HIIT and progressive resistance training studies show that it can maintain BMD (bone mineral density) in the hip, lumbar and sacral regions.

Progressive Resistance Training (PRT) has proven to be the most effective way to improve BMD in women, older adults, and maintain BMD in men. It also has the added advantage of improving muscle mass and strength, growing bone (osteogenesis), and preventing falls. Stair climbing and box squats are two great exercises that cover large muscle groups!

High Impact Exercise (HIIT) produces weight on the skeleton and as such is extremely osteogenic. Hopping, skipping and jumping are examples of some simple exercises that can be performed with little equipment, in just about any location! All increase BMD, muscle strength, and power.

High Intensity Progressive Resistance Training combines heavy resistance training with high-impact activity. This training has proven especially helpful for post menopausal women with low BMD. 
Balance Training for Fall Prevention becomes even more crucial for the over 60 population. Single leg balance exercises with eyes open or closed, walking lunges, yoga; all challenge the body and help prevent falls ~ and broken bones!

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