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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Extended Sitting Accelerates Aging & Dementia Risk

    The research continues to pour in ~ spending too much time sitting increases the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, aging, dementia, early mortality and more. Women with the lowest activity levels tended to be Caucasian, older, and obese, and were also likely to have high blood pressure, a history of chronic disease, a lower physical performance score, and have suffered a fall in the past 12 months. Research examined telomere length (considered a strong indicator of aging) and sedentary time. People with shorter telomeres* tended to have a shorter lifespan and were thought to be significantly “older” than those with longer telomere length. *The telomere is the end ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | 10 Pro Strategies to Keep That Weight Off!

    As those who have lost weight and tried to keep it off are only too aware: It is one thing to lose unwanted body fat, and another thing entirely to keep said weight off! Below are tips from the experts that really work, some of which I’ve amended due to my 20 years in the field as a health and fitness professional: 1. Do an hour a day of ‘somewhat hard’ exercise. 2. Eat a balanced diet (3 meals/2 snacks), with good quality protein/carbs & fat at each sitting. 3. Always eat breakfast. 4. Monitor your weight on a regular basis (weekly or twice a month). 5. Maintain good eating during the week AND
    on the weekends. 6. Effectively manage depression. 7. Follow the ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | New Year Health and Fitness Goals

    It’s that time of year again, folks! No matter your health and fitness goals this year, I’d like to offer you some practical tools for success. You’ve heard the saying ‘It takes a village..’? Well, it’s never a matter of doing ONE thing right that guarantees success. It takes looking at all aspects of your life and tweaking things a bit. Here are 8 steps that my clients and I use: 1)
    It’s ok to have a BIG goal but know that it’s time and baby steps that will get you there. Biting off too much, too soon is guaranteed to get you hurt, discouraged, or both. The tortoise wins the race here… 2)
    Find an exercise or activity you love ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Why You Need Breakfast

    Breakfast continues to be THE most important meal of the day for so many reasons! For starters, it helps regulate your appetite for the entire day, gives you that added oomph for a stellar workout, and balanced energy all day long. But don’t simply take my word for it ~ below are 10 facts from the experts! 1. People who skip breakfast tend to have a higher BMI 2. Obesity related disease such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease increase in people who forego breakfast 3. People who eat breakfast generally have healthier lifestyles ~ just sayin’ 4. Those who eat a healthy breakfast tend to do less snacking 5. Morning exercisers are encouraged to eat breakfast 1 – 4 ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Fitness and Longevity After Age 70

    Just in from researchers: Fitness levels are more accurate predictors of survival than traditional risk factors! Most adults over age 70 have multiple risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. The most exciting news is that the total number of risk factors is NOT helpful in predicting a persons’ future health. On the other hand, knowing how FIT a person is can be a predictor of future health ~ good news for those of us who enjoy working out, or riding, hiking, running, gardening, etc. A recent study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session, March 2019, stated just that. Researchers analyzed records of ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Planking and Your Core

    One of the best exercises you can do for your body, bar none, is planking, and it only takes a few minutes! If you are unfamiliar with a plank it can look a lot like someone is beginning a pushup, either fully supported by hands and toes, or forearms and toes. Why is planking so important? Because almost every move you make, on a daily basis is dependent on your core muscles firing first, hence the need for a strong core. What muscles do I mean when referring to ‘core’? Your abdominal muscles, many of your back muscles, hips, pelvis and buttocks. A weak core can often lead to poor posture, and over time neck and shoulder pain, plus sore knees and hips. By far the biggest issue ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Flex Your Muscle Memory!

    The human body in all its’ complexity is nothing short of amazing. Most of us have considered the various organs in our body, but have you ever taken time to consider the muscular systems that keep our body running smoothly every day? Muscles are involved in respiration and digestion (the involuntary muscle system, that happens without effort), as well as the voluntary, complex movements such as running, dancing and weightlifting! Smooth muscles
    line blood vessels and organs, like our stomach, moving food along our digestive tract and helping maintain our circulation without any thought on our part. This is known as the involuntary muscle system. Cardiac muscles
    in our heart are ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Exercise Suggestions for Osteoporosis

    Did you know that over half of adults over the age of 50 have osteoporosis, and are at risk for breaking a bone? Below are some lifestyle suggestions to help strengthen weak bones: **Begin a strength training (weight lifting) program
    , participating at least twice a week. An accredited Personal Trainer will know how to help you work with your strengths and weaknesses. High impact weight bearing exercises
    , other than strength training, can help rebuild lost bone. Dancing, hiking, stair climbing, tennis, squash, and jumping rope are all good choices. Low impact weight bearing exercises
    include brisk walking, elliptical machines, body weight exercises, Yoga, and Pilates. If you work ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Weight Lifting Tips for a Successful Workout

    Did you know that weight lifting is NOT just for bodybuilders? In fact, the general consensus is that strength training is an important part of ones’ fitness, as is cardiovascular exercise. If you’ve never used free weights and participated in a strength workout it can be a bit daunting, and not a bad idea to hire a certified Personal Trainer for some structured workouts and guidance. Otherwise, if you follow the tips I’m about to mention below and ease into it gradually you should be good to go! Form is the most important thing:
    It is fairly common for people to start with too much weight, not exercise good form, and get hurt early in the game. Therefore, form is ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Am I in a State of Chronic Inflammation?

    We now know that inflammation is at the heart of all disease. The 20 questions posed below will help you assess your lifestyle and decide if it’s time to take action. The more yes answers you give, the greater the potential for chronic inflammation. 1. Are you chronically fatigued, feeling wired but tired? 2. Have you experienced unexplained weight gain or had trouble loosing weight? 3. Does your energy slump during the day or after a meal? 4. Do you have digestive issues such as gas, bloating, heartburn or constipation? 5. When a cold or flu is in the air do you often become sick? 6. Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? 7. Do you take a course of ....

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