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    When I decided to get a personal trainer to help me meet my fitness goals I asked a good friend for a recommendation.  She said Lynn was the person to go to.  She was right and here's why.   As a mature woman with an active lifestyle,  I wanted a trainer who had experience with my age group, had realistic expectations that would challenge me without hurting me and who had a wide ranging skill set.  Lynn is extremely knowledgeable, professional and organized.  She is also friendly, warm, funny and very engaging.  Her instruction is clear and she pays close attention to form.  I've read the books and watched the videos, but there's nothing like a skilled, supportive trainer watching and coaching.  She is also, of course, designing a program tailor made to my strengths and weaknesses that supports my fitness goals.  She is willing to come to my house and bring equipment with her.  A huge plus!  My workouts with Lynn are physically satisfying, give me lots of new information and are fun.  I would highly recommend her.

  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    I've never really been one of those people that enjoys exercise. However, I'm headed off to college in the fall and since I was hoping to start school a little fitter and a little slimmer, I started working with Lynn. She has tailored a fitness plan to fit what I need, taking care to work around physical limitations such as past injuries and back pain. Beyond just being my trainer, she is fun to talk to and she shows genuine interest in what I have to say. She emphasizes the importance of regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and getting the right amount of sleep to promote overall health. She also has a great sense of humor, which is always a bonus. A few jokes to lighten the mood during a tough work out really seems to do the trick. I've been able to stick with the fitness plan Lynn has set for me far longer than any kind of exercise plan in the past. 

  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    What a difference having Lynn as my Fitness Coach!  She has put together a plan specifically for me, to make me stronger and more fit for my active lifestyle.  With her guidance I can do this workout in my own home.  I was stuck with the extra pounds I’d acquired, and she coached me on how to eat.  This eating plan has really worked for me and is something I can do for the rest of my life.  Not only do I appreciate her professionalism, but her friendship as well.  I look forward to every session.

    Linda Z.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn has been a tremendous asset to me as I have begun to take control of my physical health. I procrastinated far too long in seeking assistance from a personal body trainer. I met with Lynn, and explained my needs and goals. After a thorough assessment she developed a program to fit my needs and has been with me every step of the way. She offers vast knowledge, experience, and most of all her support. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone, and especially for someone like me who has been reluctant to take control for any number of reasons.

    Mary B.
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    I have worked with Lynn Hajnal for over 14 years, which certainly attest to my opinion of her excellence as a Personal Trainer. She is very knowledgeable about functional training, strength straining and nutrition. She is also very skilled at developing an individual program that meets each client’s needs. Lynn is very flexible and adaptable in working with her clients, and really cares about their well-being.

    Linda P.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn has helped me to get back into regular exercise after many year of sedentary style.  I felt very comfortable with her from the very first appointment where we discussed my nutrition and life style.

    She has a great sense of humor and a vast knowledge about nutrition.   Lynn has put together a program for me that was challenging and fun, but not too overwhelming since I was just getting back to exercise after  long period of inactivity.  I have learn a lot from Lynn about how proper nutrition and hydration affect the weight loss , how to speed up the metabolism and how functional exercise and proper stretches helps people with desk jobs stay fit and healthy. I recommend Lynn for anyone looking to put together a holistic program for weight loss and functional fitness.

  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn is a fantastic and dedicated trainer.  I think what really sets her apart is her nutritional knowledge and ability to tailor a meal plan and workout regimen that will fit each clients lifestyle and goals to a T.  She is always patient while keeping you focused and pushing yourself.  Ultimately, you will walk away with a new, more positive and attainable outlook on fitness and nutrition.

  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn has a dedication to understanding the needs of her clients, and it shows in how she creates unique training sessions, and in her warmth.  She has the ability to apply her knowledge base to specific circumstances (chair yoga, for instance!).  I was very impressed with Lynn's professionalism!

  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn at Balanced Bodyworks, is an awesome personal trainer. Lynn's dedication to her clients training needs and goals is excellent!! Lynn really taught me the value of strength training and its role in getting and keeping a healthy and fit body!! I have some past injuries which affected my ability to do some exercises. Lynn was able to accomodate my needs easily into a workout that helped strengthen my body to a degree that I had never achieved before.  I also never injured myself under Lynns guidance, so I never lost valuable workout time! Working out with Lynn was always fun, challenging and totally satisfying.  I unfortunately moved to CA otherwise I would still be working out with Lynn at Balanced Bodyworks!!.

    Helen McMahon
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    As a trainer and human being Lynn Hajnal is one of the finest. She worked with my husband and me to bring us back into shape after years of sitting in office chairs.  My husband, having had 3 back surgeries, had to be handled with care.  She devised routines which were extremely effective, making us feel energized and in shape within a month.  Her skill, her encouragement, and her fun attitude make her extremely effective.

    Cindy C.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Training with Lynn was such a positive experience.  I’m a middle aged, overweight woman, who had never made exercise a daily part of her routine.  Keeping that in mind, Lynn developed a training plan that involved core work, balance, and flexibility, as well as aerobic components.  Lynn remained very focused and encouraging during our training sessions.  She was sensitive enough to recognized when she could push me harder or alter the routines at times when my energy level was lower.  Over a short period of time I began to feel better!  I even started losing inches, and within 3 months lost 20 lbs!  Lynn is very passionate about what she does, and it shows in her training

    Chris K.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn knows how to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and caring.  She’s in tune with her clients needs and works out a personal program to fit them.  I’ve worked with many trainers in the past and she is by far the most motivating in a fun, non-threatening way.

    Debbie S.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn is a bright spot on any day. Thanks to her, and in spite of some physical challenges, my fitness and strength have improved and continue to do so. Lynn is a talented trainer with an obvious knowledge of how to safely and efficiently train the body to be strong and fit. She is fun, interesting, well-trained and intelligent. Lynn also shows great insight and is a genuine and nice lady--a real bright spot in my life

    Jane G.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    1,000 ccs of Lynn Hajnal! At the end of 8th grade last May, I was a charter member of the "Chubb Club" at school. We were the guys who straggled along way behind everyone else during the mile runs at gym and who ate cheeseburgers for snacks. We were funny and always laughing - pretending to be happy.

    I decided I did not want to be the funny, fat kid anymore, especially when I was ready to start high school in September this year. Enter Lynn Hajnal and Balanced Bodyworks. Man, how I hated those 7:30 am workouts all summer. Just when I'd master a task, she could find new ways to torture me. But I stuck with it, and am still sticking with it.

    It's only been about 4 months, but let me tell you: "I am HOT!!" The girls love me, I love me, and I look really tight in my black jeans ...and the Chubb Club was really mad at me and kicked me out!

    All THANKS to Lynn!

    Cole V.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn is not your typical trainer - she is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and a Reiki II Practitioner, and provides so much advice and help about nutrition and holistic health approaches. She has me doing stress relief work, getting massages, seeing a chiropractor and a naturopath, and just taking care of myself. I cannot imagine where we would have been without her help and expertise.

    Vicky V.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    For the past three years I had been trying to recommit to a fitness program to improve both my appearance and physical well-being. Lynn Hajnal of Balanced Bodyworks has helped me recommit to this goal and have fun doing it. With Lynn's vast knowledge and enthusiasm I have been able to develop more muscle mass while losing body fat in a relatively short amount of time. Most importantly, I have regained the youthful energy I had lost over the last few years. Lynn helped me accomplish these goals by providing both a focused weight training program as well as educating on the benefits of a balanced diet. I would highly recommend Lynn and her programs to anybody who is serious about their health and well-being.

    Grant H.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    I wanted a personal trainer to help me lose a few pounds and gain muscle definition. Since I've been working with Lynn I've not only lost more weight than I'd ever hoped, but gained muscle, strength, endurance, and an overall sense of well-being.

    At first, trying a new eating plan seemed overwhelming. But over time I have come to realize that has been the single biggest factor in my success. And not only do I see the physical results, but I feel good. Lynn's guidance has made a permanent impact on me!

    Erica B.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    My experience has been delightful. Lynn is very professional and keeps me on track. She is pleasant to work with, and at the same time very serious about the goals toward which she has me working. She’s also very patient with my 89 years of age! I highly recommend her.

    Sally M.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    The BEST Personal Trainer I have ever worked with! I was lucky enough to work with Lynn for over 2 years, before moving to California. I not only achieved my desired weight loss, but was stronger and more fit than I had ever been. I felt empowered by this new found fitness and strength, and that carried over into other parts of my life. Lynn was well organized, charting my progress with reports and giving me the data that showed how much weight I had lost, how much muscle gained, and inches lost. Her program is tailored to each clients needs and abilities. Lynn knew about my dodgy knee, helped me strengthen it, and made sure I never injured myself. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone who wants a trainer that is totally focused on achieving your goals.

    Helen M.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    Lynn has been nothing but impressive from the first day we met. Her knowledge is deep and broad, with an emphasis on making her clients strong, flexible, balanced and healthy ~ her attitude is inspiring. She is thoughtful and takes the time to get to know our your strengths and weaknesses. I always leave feeling stronger, healthier, and happier!!

    Patricia M.
  • Personal Trainer Bellevue

    I was really out of shape and overweight when I met Lynn. I had a track record of starting a program and stopping it—those times always ended in an injury or discouragement. I think the real problem was that I just didn’t know what I was doing. Lynn’s program brought so much light on the subject. She showed me how my past injuries and current weaknesses were getting in the way of my making progress. She designed a program that helped me build core strength and slowly strengthen weak muscles, preventing injuries. That was quite a revelation to me!

    I really am so pleased and feel like I have tools to be safe and get stronger. The strength training has trimmed my waist, hips and arms. I feel much more confident in dresses and fitted clothing. And since I move more easily, I move more!

    Linda S.

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