Bellevue Personal Training | Does Exercise Impact Cancer?

A resounding ‘Yes’ on all counts! Lowering the risk is the primary goal for those who don’t have cancer. For those who have it, recovering from cancer is the primary goal, and reducing the risk of getting it again. For people currently dealing with cancer, the focus is on getting rid of cancer and minimizing the effects the disease and treatment have had on the body. The great news is that exercise most definitely helps in all the above areas!

Prevention of cancer: According to recent research, exercise helps lower the risk of 13 types of cancer. The greatest risk reduction was seen with esophageal, liver, and kidney cancers, and myeloid leukemia. **An astonishing 500,000 cancers are tied to obesity.

HIIT training has been shown to have the greatest preventive effect, as it burns more fat, calories, and lowers blood sugar more effectively than regular exercise. It also appears to lower the amount of estrogen that fat cells produce, lowering the risk for estrogen-sensitive cancers.

If you have cancer: Exercise can minimize the effects of cancer treatment and increase the quality of life. Exercise benefits were not only physical and mental for the patients, but also included more energy, less fatigue, higher self-esteem, and fewer hospital stays and doctor visits!

After cancer treatment: A report from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center said it best: “Multiple studies show that regular physical activity is linked to increased life expectancy after a diagnosis of cancer, in many cases by decreasing the risk of cancer recurrences.”

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