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These movements increase blood flow to your brain and cause you to burn more calories when you engage the specific muscles.

*While watching TV or sitting at your desk, wiggle toes or tap fingers

*Stand up & sit down every 10 – 20 mins. Not only does this strengthen your glutes and quads (remember to push through the heels!), but also boosts metabolism. This is a terrific activity to do while watching TV!

*Roll your shoulders back: one at a time, then together. Even better if you are standing! Doing this while on a plane flight will help release tension in the neck, shoulder girdle, and upper back.

*To loosen up the muscles in your wrists and fingers, after spending time on the computer, make circles with your wrists. Then open and close your fingers, making a tight ‘o’ when closed and something resembling a starfish when spread wide.

*If you’ve been sitting too long and feel sleepy and tight, stand up, reach your arms behind you and touch the opposite elbow with your hand. Look to the left, then right.

*Fidget!! The fact that this drove all our teachers crazy when we were in school is what started the research into the bennies of NEAT ☺

*Do a seated twist, reaching left arm to right knee and looking over the right shoulder. Repeat on the opposite side.

*Do seated hamstring stretches, or lift your feet up one at a time, as a subtle march (great idea in a long meeting!)

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