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  • Bellevue Nutrition & Behavioral Tips to Reduce High Blood Pressure

    The new high blood pressure guidelines released last year: 130 - 139/80 – 89 = Stage 1 Hypertension, determines that nearly one-half of all Americans have hypertension! The importance of that cannot be understated, as hypertension leads to serious health issues ~ heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and high cholesterol. Most hypertension can be managed with simple lifestyle changes, such as adding exercise (both cardio and resistance training), drinking plenty of water, and keeping sodium intake below 1,500 mg a day. New blood pressure guidelines, called the DASH diet, (dietary approach to lowering hypertension) suggest that in addition to lower sodium intake it is wise to also ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | 130/80: the “New” High Blood Pressure

    For years the ‘norm’ for being concerned with our blood pressure has been 140/90. Last year the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association worked together to produce updated blood pressure recommendations. We now have cause for concern if our reading is 130/80! The ACC and AHA worked with 9 other organizations and 21 scientists who combed through 900 studies to produce the new guidelines. According to the ACC this means that 46% of Americans will now be classified as having hypertension!! Having a BP of 130/80, while it is a yellow light that one needs to make some lifestyle changes, does not mean the medication is necessary. The recipe for reducing ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Plant Proteins on the Rise!

    Though meat remains a primary source of protein for many Americans, it seems that a large number of people are considering substituting legumes for meat on their dinner plate. Market research firms suggest 22% of Americans plan on cutting back meat intake, while an additional 15% want to increase their intake of legumes, nuts, and seeds. Environmental and health concerns are the reasons people are choosing to shift protein sources. Below is a short list of some good quality, non-meat, protein sources:
    Almonds: 6 grams of protein for a 1oz. serving
    Hemp Seeds (Hearts): 10 grams of protein per 3 T.
    Kidney Beans: 16 grams of protein per 1 c. of cooked beans
    Lentils: 16 grams of protein ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Improving Health in Youth with Resistance Training!

    Many of today’s youth have something termed EDD, or Exercise Deficit Disorder. Basically, they just aren’t getting enough exercise to generate good health. In fact, today’s youth are less active than prior generations. As with adults, physical activity for youth is a major marker for optimal health. Current activity guidelines recommend youth get 60 minutes of moderately vigorous physical activity daily. Below is a list of the many ways in which resistance training will improve the lives of our young.
    Sports Performance
    Muscle Endurance
    Insulin Sensitivity
    Body Composition/Weight
    Bone Mineral Density
    Blood Lipid Profile
    Sports-Related Injury Risk
    Motor ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Turn Up the Heat to Burn Calories!

    If you’d like to have a simple way to turn up your metabolic furnace and burn more calories, especially in the winter, look no further than your dinner plate. If you love spicy food, it seems that adding firey chilis to your meals will turn up the heat, allowing you to burn extra calories! University of Arizona and OminActive Health Technologies teamed up to research and publish a study in Advances in Nutrition, 2017. When study participants took a supplement with 2 mg of capsaicinoids (the phytochemicals in the chili seed and inner membranes), their metabolic rate jumped about 6%. This may not sound like much, but it translates into approximately 130 calories more burnt in a ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Resistance Training Trumps Cardio for Older Adults

    Many older adults tend to use walking as their primary form of exercise. Recent research suggests that it is far better to make resistance training your primary exercise, and cardio (walking) secondary. Researchers at Wake Forest University; Winston-Salem, NC recently published their findings in the journal Obesity, concluding that combining a strength training (resistance) regimen with a calorie restricted diet would preserve lean muscle mass, which could be lost through cardio training. Kristen Beavers, assistant professor of health and exercise science at Wake Forest said: “A lot of older adults will walk as their exercise of choice, but this research shows that if you’re ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Simple Ways to Cut Calories

    Below are some tips to cut calories, whether dining out or eating at home. Save those calories for something really tremendous, that you really do want!! When dining at a restaurant: Choose oil-based rather than creamy dressings. Always choose grilled meat rather than fried! Choose whole grain breads over white. Order sorbet or fresh fruit for dessert, skipping the high cal cheesecake or tarts. When ordering a sandwich ask for mustard instead of mayo. Surviving the All You Can Eat Buffets: Make conversation with others your central focus ~rather than eating everything in sight! Never wear loose-fitting clothes!!! Choose only foods you love, and fill up on veggies, fruit, and salads. ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Why Dieters Fail

    The word Diet, alone, dooms it to failure. Research has shown, once again, that an ‘eating lifestyle’ is the only approach that works for most people. Furthermore, the eating lifestyle is very individual and needs to be tailored to each individual. Here’s the result of the current research. Dieters are confused by media messages:
    Media messages abound as to what IS the right type of eating. Low fat? Low carb? Vegan? Paleo? For many dieters embarking on healthier eating and weight loss, this can be beyond bewildering! M
    any dieters have poor self esteem, coupled with poor body image:
    Repeated diet failure leads to increasingly poor self esteem and negative body image. ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Grow Your Microbiome

    Every day more evidence supports the fact that a healthy ‘gut’ (or microbiome) is essential to your very well-being! A whopping 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, and experts now believe that all auto-immune disease originates in the digestive tract. If you’re feeling stressed or depressed look no further than supporting a healthy gut, as 50-70% of your serotonin (one of our feel-good hormones), is made in the gut. Eating a diet high in dietary fiber helps your gut produce more of the ‘good’ bacteria. Taking this step alone can go a long way to helping reduce inflammation, which is now considered to be the forerunner of all disease. Shoot ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Any Activity Reduces Mortality!

    We used to believe that only certain activities ‘qualified’ as being challenging enough to improve health and lower mortality. Scientists have recently discovered that we don’t necessarily need to go for a run or a ride, or pump iron at the gym. It seems that ANY activity, whether acquired at the gym or at work has protective benefits! This is great news for many who work long hours and aren’t able to fit in extraneous physical activity. Studies showed that those who engaged in the most physical activity each week had the lowest risk of early death and CVD. That said, only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, was linked with risk reduction. Take a moment to reflect ....

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