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  • New Stats on Drinking Alcohol

    Just in from Washington School University of Medicine, in St. Louis: Consuming one to two alcoholic drinks more than three times a week raises the risk for all cause mortality. This sobering data was gleaned from 340,668 individuals from the National Health Interview Survey, and 93,653 individuals from the Veterans Health Administration outpatient medical records. Put another way, if you drink just one beer or glass of wine more days of the week than not, you risk premature death, especially from cancer. An alarming addition to this new info is the fact that about 13% of Americans take part in ‘high risk drinking’, which is defined as four drinks for women or five or more ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Muscle Mass - A New Vital Sign

    As a fitness pro, I understand how important it is for my clients to build muscle mass ~ for so many different reasons. To name just a few, lean body mass is important for functional health, as a way to lose body fat, or maintain current levels, and for overall health. According to current research, medical professionals (ie; MD’s) should also be promoting this message to their patients! “Muscle mass should be looked at as a new vital sign,” says Carlo Prado, Ph.D., RD, associate professor at the U of Alberta, Canada, principal investigator for the study. By identifying and treating low muscle mass medical professionals can vastly improve their patients’ health. ....

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  • Healthy Habits Made Easy: How to Take Care of Your Well-Being

    Photo via Pixabay By: Jason Lewis,
    Healthy habits aren’t always easy to fit into a routine; many of us find that our schedules are so jam-packed that it’s hard to pick up something new. Whether you want to start exercising more, eating better foods , or learning how to reduce stress, there are many ways to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, but where do you start? First, it’s important to think of it as just that: a lifestyle. When you start thinking about healthy changes as chores that have to be done on a regular basis, they’ll feel that way. Mapping out a routine you can follow is important because it helps ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Cutting Back on Facebook Time May Lower Stress Levels

    Got stress? A new study from the University of Queensland in Australia shows that taking time away from FB may help. The study included 138 FB users who were asked to either take a 5-day break from FB use or maintain current use while self-reporting on well-being and stress levels, and who also underwent salivary cortisol tests before and after the study. The findings, which were published in the Journal of Social Psychology showed that those who took time off from FB had a lowered cortisol level. However, those who did so also reported a decrease in life satisfaction and said they looked forward to resuming their FB time. Eric Vanman, Ph.D., and lead study author said: “Facebook ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Stay Strong to Live Long!

    Need more motivation to move those dumbbells around? Researchers from China and Indiana University analyzed data from 4,449 older adults in the National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey. The key finding was that older adults possessing low muscle strength had more than twice the risk of dying during the study than those that had normal muscle strength. Further, researchers found that all cause mortality was considerably higher in those with low muscle strength regardless of whether they had low muscle mass! Researchers concluded that low muscle strength was associated with a higher risk of death regardless of muscle mass, metabolic syndrome, sedentary activity or leisure time physical ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | The Hunger Scale

    The Hunger Scale is a useful tool that can help one eat in a more mindful, intuitive style. The key here is to avoid extremes with your eating, feeling neither starved nor “Thanksgiving Full”. Using the scale below, strive to stay in the 4, 5 or 6 zone , with light snacking occurring in the 3 or 2 zone , avoiding the ‘red zone’ eating of either 1 or 10. 1: So starved you are weak or dizzy. 2: Extremely hungry; likely feeling irritable with lots of stomach growling. 3: Less famished: hungry enough for occasional stomach growling. 4: Mildly hungry; often after a light snack. 5: Satiated; neither hungry nor full. 6: Mildly full but no discomfort. 7: Full enough ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Learning to Love Your Broccoli!

    Some of the healthiest foods ~ broccoli, kale, radicchio ~ also tend to be the most bitter. Of course, that is exactly why many people don’t eat these foods. Oddly enough, it turns out that the secret to eating more bitter tasting foods is just that: to eat more bitter tasting foods!! Recent research pointed to the ‘secret’ of this phenomenon is in our saliva. Researchers found a change in the saliva of those who drank unsweetened chocolate almond milk three times a day for a week (unsweetened cocoa is naturally very bitter). The composition of the saliva of those involved in this study changed, and there was an increase in the proteins that bind to astringent (bitter) ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Less Netflix/More Exercise

    It appears that the average American spends four times as much time watching Netflix as they do exercising! A recent analysis by the Streaming Observer showed that the average Netflix user spends approximately 71 minutes a day watching Netflix. Sadly, other data shows the average American spends only 17 minutes a day with some type of exercise. Ken Alan, a lecturer in the Dept of Kinesiology, at Cal State U, Fullerton, suggests people make a commitment to doing 20 minutes of exercise, daily, for every 60 minutes of TV watched. He even recommended that some exercise could be done while
    watching a show ~ especially if others are watching too. Stretching, any resistance tubing ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Your Bottled Water….

    Just in ~ when you are drinking your bottled water you may be getting far more than you bargained for! An analysis of 259 bottles of water, from 11 brands in nine countries (US included) found that 93% contained microplastics! Microplastics are tiny bits of plastic resulting from breakdown in our andfills and the ocean. When tap water was analyzed it was found to have just half the level of microplastics of bottled (plastic) water. At this point there are no standards for safe limits of microplastics in bottled water. This is a bit of a conundrum if one is hooked on plastic, bottled water. To begin with, plastic has been found to be an unsafe container for bottled water as ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | More Exercise = Weight Loss Success!

    A problem that is puzzling researchers is why many people who add exercise to their lifestyle fail to loose weight. It seems that many who begin an exercise program end up compensating for the extra effort by either eating more, resting more, or both. In an effort to solve this dilemma a study was conducted by randomly selecting overweight and obese men and women into two groups, for 12 weeks of training. Group #1 exercised 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, burning 1,500 calories a week. Group #2 exercised one hour a day, 5 days a week, burning 3,000 calories each week. Investigators measured body composition, resting metabolic rate and dietary intake both before and after the study. ....

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