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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Say YES to Happiness!

    Acclaimed as a leader in psychology and happiness, Robert Holden, Ph.D , promotes happiness, love, and joy as a means to a life of purpose and success. In fact, Holden is best known for his Happiness Project
    , founded in 1994. As such, he urges us to choose happiness NOW, to transform our lives! “The pursuit of happiness must always fail because it is based on a lie ~ happiness is not outside you. Until you change the belief that happiness is somewhere else you will never quite make it”
    says Holden. How happy are you? Doctor Holden created the Happiness Test
    as an assessment tool:
    Below are Holden’s “10 Ways to Increase ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Bone Health

    Consider that bone loss and muscle loss (sarcopenia) are a natural part of aging. Half of women over the age of 50 and 25% of men over 50 suffer broken bones because of osteoporosis. That said, much can be done to mitigate both bone and muscle loss. Today I’ll share the Cliff Notes for bone health; in a future post I’ll share best activities to strengthen both muscle and bone!
    To preserve and build bone mass calcium, vitamin D, dairy** and physical exercise are crucial
    Our bone mass peaks in the early 20’s
    Bone mineral density (BMD) is measured in a ‘T score’, a negative # because it quantifies bone loss
    Bone loss is marked by Osteopenia
    The most ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Stress Fighting Foods

    Chronic stress often reduces serotonin, our body’s ‘feel good’ hormone. In turn, low serotonin levels can negatively impact sleep quality, memory, appetite, and mood. The foods listed below may not reduce your stress per say but could be extremely helpful in reducing depression, insomnia, anxiety and cardiovascular disease ~ all associated with chronic stress. Turkey, shrimp, dairy, soy, and pumpkin
    contain high levels of tryptophan, which helps boost serotonin levels. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and asparagus
    are high in folic acid, which also boosts serotonin production. Dairy, sunshine, and foods high in vitamin D
    boost serotonin. Oatmeal and other complex carbs

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Benefits of Aquatic Fitness

    It appears that water fitness is no longer relegated to elderly adults. People of all ages and abilities are now benefiting from aquatic workouts. Here’s the latest research: Aquatic workouts improve the ability of older adults to perform ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living):
    A study involving women over 60, who worked out in shallow water exercise classes 3 days a week for 12 weeks, showed marked improvement in their ADL’s once on land. People of all ages and abilities can improve their strength, endurance, and body composition (lean muscle mass to fat ratio) through effective training:
    Untrained older women, who participated in a 3 day a week resistance program for 24 ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Harness the Power of Your STRESS!

    We all know that using relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, is the key to lowering stress, right? But what if that isn’t
    the best idea? A Harvard business school study recently proved that calming down wasn’t really the best idea. In fact, those who were taught to channel their stress into excitement felt more confident and prepared! Studies comparing the responses of first-time sky-divers to the more experienced showed their physiological responses didn’t differ!
    Stress responses rose no matter the situation, making it indistinguishable from the autonomic nervous system to decide whether the person was in ‘fight or flight’ or ‘excite ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Water ~ The Missing Link!

    Did you know that not having enough water will prevent you from losing weight?
    How about the fact that water helps energize you when tired?
    Or that water is a natural appetite suppressant, helping you stay comfortably full?
    All of these statements about water are absolutely true. In fact, water may be the ONLY real ‘magic solution’ to not only achieve weight loss but help you keep it off ~ permanently! Water helps metabolize stored body fat!
    If you decrease
    your water intake you will cause fat deposits to increase. Conversely, if you increase water
    intake it will help you decrease stored body fat!
    Here’s why: The kidneys need plenty of water to function ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Secrets of Muscle Growth

    Muscle growth, or hypertrophy, is a common goal for people hitting the weight room and/or seeking advice from fitness pros. Researchers in Lancaster England reviewed relevant scientific papers to find the best means for achieving this goal. Primary factors were training volume, load, training frequency, training to momentary muscle failure, exercise variation, contraction type, exercise order, repetition temp, and interest recovery. Below is a sample of their conclusions: Training volume
    : The majority of the researchers suggested that 5 sets of an exercise versus 1 or 3 had greater links to hypertrophy. Load
    : Though both high and low load training proved effective, high load training ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Hidden Sources of MSG

    The glutamate manufacturers and the processed food industries are always on a quest to disguise MSG added to food. Below is a partial list of the most common names for disguised MSG. Remember also that the powerful excitotoxins*(read neurotoxin) aspartate and L-cysteine are frequently added to foods and according to FDA rules require no labeling at all. Additives that always contain MSG:

    Monosodium Glutamate
    Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
    Hydrolyzed Protein
    Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
    Plant Protein Extract
    Sodium Caseinate
    Calcium Caseinate
    Yeast Extract
    Textured Protein (or Textured Vegetable Protein)
    Autolyzed Yeast
    Hydrolyzed Oat Flour Additives that frequently contain MSG:

    Malt ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Cardio to Maximize Your Fat Loss!

    Now that the warmer weather is here and we’re putting on shorts, tank tops and dresses, it’s fairly common for the ‘OMG, what happened??’ response, as we go from wearing clothes that completely cover us to clothes that are very revealing! While 4 – 5 days of cardio done within your Target Heart Rate is a good overall rule, this time of year calls for drastic measures, so let’s pull out all the stops!! Here are two tried and true cardio techniques that I recommend to clients, and use myself. Go Hard:
    This strategy is fabulous when you are limited on time. However, this technique also requires far more recovery, so I strongly recommend only doing this ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Benefits of Summer Berries in Pacific NW

    Berry lovers in the Pacific NW are entering the perfect time of year! June through July an abundance of luscious strawberries, raspberries and blueberries will be available to increase our health and happiness ☺ Not to mention the delicious wild blackberries that seem to grow everywhere! Berries offer not only high levels of nutrients such as potassium, fiber, manganese, and copper but a wide variety of antioxidants that make them one of “the most beneficial fruits to eat for prevention of cancer” per the American Institute for Cancer Research. Washington has the highest incidence of cancer on the West Coast, so we are indeed lucky to have these luscious fruits available to ....

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