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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Exercise Guidelines for Health Conditions

    One of the single best ‘prescriptions’ for any health condition is quite simply: Exercise! Below are the current guidelines for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, anxiety disorders and menopause. Diabetes:
    Aerobic exercise
    150 minutes a week, minimum. Perform moderate to high volumes 3 – 7 days a week. Resistance Training
    8 – 10 exercises, 2 – 3 days a week. Flexibility exercises
    should be done 2 – 3 days a week. **High intensity interval training (HIIT)
    may be effective. Balance Training.
    Heart Disease:
    Aerobic exercise
    150 minutes a week at moderate intensity, or 75 minutes a week at vigorous intensity, or a combination of both. ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Tips for Better Sleep

    We all know we need to get more sleep, but we just need to do ONE more thing! Most of us are also only too aware that lack of sleep can lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, accidents (!!), poor performance, autoimmune disease, and poor athletic performance. Below are the latest tips that really work! Make sleeping a top priority:
    This may sound crazy, but it’s pretty low on the totem pole for many. Set a time that you are willing to go to bed, sticking to the same time every night, and work towards gearing down the hour before. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and the Sleep Research Society, adults 18 – 64 need ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Update on the Human Microbiome

    In the past five years or so much fascinating information has been discovered about the human microbiome, or the state of our “gut”, if you will. You probably already know, as of this writing, that much of our immune system is founded in the gut. But did you know that the state of your gut determines your serotonin level (which is a major feel good hormone)? In this blog I shall present the wealth of new information, in Cliff note format. And to think that, just a mere 15 years ago, when my ND told me that ‘my immune system was housed in my gut’ I said ‘Huh’?! ☺ *The microbiome extends from deep within our bodies to the skin and all surface areas ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Eat Fish for Stronger Bones!

    Eating fish that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids can strengthen your bones and lead to a healthier heart. Current research also points to an inverse relationship between fish high in Omega-3’s and risk of hip fractures. The recommendation is a minimum of two fish meals a week. Unfortunately, eating fish and chips won’t cut it! A caveat ~ though farmed salmon has a higher Omega 3 level than wild I consider it unsafe to eat as it’s a genetically modified fish. FISH
    OMEGA 3’s (per 3 oz svg)
    Mackerel 2.3 gms Farmed Salmon 2.1 gms Anchovies 1.7 gms Black Cod 1.4 gms Sardines 1.3 gms Pickled Herring 1.2 gms Wild Sockeye Salmon 1.0 ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Intuitive Eating

    As a nation we continue to become more overweight and obese. As a result, chronic disease has increased across the board. Diets (which by their very name spell failure) have continued to disappoint. Now we have the anti-diet approach: Intuitive Eating! Intuitive eating encourages us to listen to and honor our internal cues for both hunger and fullness, notice energy levels, and which foods we reach for to achieve comfort. The goal is to establish a more comfortable relationship with food, not eat for perfection. Children are a wonderful example of intuitive eaters ~ when provided with nutritious, tasty foods they tend to choose foods that meet their nutritional needs. Check out the key ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Childhood Obesity Stats**

    According to info from the CDC, obesity has not only doubled in children over the past 30 years, but the excess weight gives children an unhealthy start, effectively starting them on the path to all manner of disease at an extremely early age. Below is the latest research:
    The estimated lifetime cost of being an obese child over a normal weight child is $19,000 per child.

    A study in Denmark showed that children with a high bmi at 13 were at an increased risk of colon cancer as adults.

    As childhood obesity continues to climb, experts predict there will be more than 100,000 MORE cases of coronary heart disease, between 2020 and 2035.

    Overweight 5 yr olds are FOUR times more likely ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Exercise to ‘Grow’ Your Bone Health

    is THE most highly recommended exercise for osteoporosis, but studies continue to confirm that it’s actually the least effective. However, if combined with HIIT and progressive resistance training studies show that it can maintain BMD (bone mineral density) in the hip, lumbar and sacral regions. Progressive Resistance Training (PRT)
    has proven to be the most effective way to improve BMD in women, older adults, and to maintain BMD in men. It also has the added advantage of improving muscle mass and strength, growing bone (osteogenesis), and preventing falls. Stair climbing and box squats are two great exercises that cover large muscle groups! High Impact Exercise (HIIT)

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Say YES to Happiness!

    Acclaimed as a leader in psychology and happiness, Robert Holden, Ph.D , promotes happiness, love, and joy as a means to a life of purpose and success. In fact, Holden is best known for his Happiness Project
    , founded in 1994. As such, he urges us to choose happiness NOW, to transform our lives! “The pursuit of happiness must always fail because it is based on a lie ~ happiness is not outside you. Until you change the belief that happiness is somewhere else you will never quite make it”
    says Holden. How happy are you? Doctor Holden created the Happiness Test
    as an assessment tool:
    Below are Holden’s “10 Ways to Increase ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Bone Health

    Consider that bone loss and muscle loss (sarcopenia) are a natural part of aging. Half of women over the age of 50 and 25% of men over 50 suffer broken bones because of osteoporosis. That said, much can be done to mitigate both bone and muscle loss. Today I’ll share the Cliff Notes for bone health; in a future post I’ll share best activities to strengthen both muscle and bone!
    To preserve and build bone mass calcium, vitamin D, dairy** and physical exercise are crucial
    Our bone mass peaks in the early 20’s
    Bone mineral density (BMD) is measured in a ‘T score’, a negative # because it quantifies bone loss
    Bone loss is marked by Osteopenia
    The most ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Stress Fighting Foods

    Chronic stress often reduces serotonin, our body’s ‘feel good’ hormone. In turn, low serotonin levels can negatively impact sleep quality, memory, appetite, and mood. The foods listed below may not reduce your stress per say but could be extremely helpful in reducing depression, insomnia, anxiety and cardiovascular disease ~ all associated with chronic stress. Turkey, shrimp, dairy, soy, and pumpkin
    contain high levels of tryptophan, which helps boost serotonin levels. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and asparagus
    are high in folic acid, which also boosts serotonin production. Dairy, sunshine, and foods high in vitamin D
    boost serotonin. Oatmeal and other complex carbs

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