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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Use Food to Trick Your Brain!

    What if you could use food to trick your brain? By that, I mean to eat for satiety instead of merely pleasure, and ultimately achieve your weight loss goals? These ‘tricks’ are merely an awareness of what makes us full and what makes us crave eating more of any one food. Our stomach is rarely full after a meal, and our loss of interest actually comes from the brain. As we eat, receptors in the stomach and small intestine gauge volume and chemical composition and send that info to the brain. When that signal has built up sufficiently we lose interest in eating more and have achieved satiety.
    Some foods make us feel more full than others, and we achieve satiety more ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Eat Chocolate and Save Your Heart!

    Now we have just one more reason to enjoy our chocolate! Not only is it delicious and chock full of anti-oxidants, but it is now considered to be a ‘heart healthy’ food. Data from 55,502 people, over 13 & ½ years correlated moderate consumption of chocolate with a lower risk of atrial fibrillation. Within this data, it was found that Women
    did best with 1 oz of chocolate, once a week. Men
    achieved best results with 2 – 6, 1 oz servings per week. As not all choc is created equal, it is important to consider your source and percentage of cacao, especially with bars. Reach for an organic (if possible!) bar with at least 60% cocoa. 70 – 80%
    is even ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Seated Brain Boosters!

    These movements increase blood flow to your brain and cause you to burn more calories when you engage the specific muscles. *While watching TV or sitting at your desk, wiggle toes or tap fingers *Stand up & sit down every 10 – 20 mins. Not only does this strengthen your glutes and quads (remember to push through the heels!), but also boosts metabolism. This is a terrific activity to do while watching TV! *Roll your shoulders back: one at a time, then together. Even better if you are standing! Doing this while on a plane flight will help release tension in the neck, shoulder girdle, and upper back. *To loosen up the muscles in your wrists and fingers, after spending time on ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Holiday Eating Tips*

    During the Holiday Season it’s super easy to overdo the eating, especially if attending many social gatherings. It truly helps to have a strategy in mind before arriving. Tips like ‘drink plenty of water’ (makes it less easy to overeat), and ‘never ever arrive hungry ’ can help you avoid that 15 – 20# holiday weight gain. Eating a pre-party snack with fiber and balanced amounts of protein, carbs and fat can be a terrific strategy, leaving you guilt free post party! Below are some tips to help you avoid the party pig-out: Instead of this: Try this:
    Baked brie Fruit and cheese Sugar and spiced nuts Plain mixed nuts ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Why Are Modern Diets Lacking?

    Nutrition is a pretty hot topic these days, with nearly everyone having an idea as to what we should or shouldn’t eat, and why. Kamal Patel, MPh, MBA, nutrition researcher for Johns Hopkins University has compared our diet with people of one hundred years ago, and found us lacking. Below are the Cliff Notes on her findings: We tend to eat the same things: Wheat, corn, and vegetable oils
    make up a large part of our diets. These products, especially high fructose corn syrup, are extremely low in vitamins and minerals and lack beneficial phytochemicals found in whole plants. Our soil is less mineral rich:
    The plants we eat, and the plants animals eat (that become our food), ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | The Health Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice

    The need to produce and ‘do more’ on a daily basis, despite the myriad of responsibilities most of us already have can lead to a stressed out, unhappy lifestyle. What if our efforts were less tuned to getting things done or being productive, and rather to just Being, and Being Happy, at that? By choosing to integrate a mindfulness practice, whenever possible, a life of contentment and joy can be achieved! Developing mindfulness can help us to:

    Gain greater insight into our motivations for change
    Develop an awareness of our physical response to stress
    Diminish our perception of perceived daily stressors
    Help us focus on the positive!
    Enhance our feelings of compassion
    Manage ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Cranberry Ice Cream Pie!

    The Holidays are almost upon us, and with it the need to have delicious (and healthy), fare to serve our loved ones. I received this recipe many years ago when my son was young. Back then it wasn’t the healthiest dessert, but it sure was delicious!! Now it seems most everyone in my family, and extended family, has some health issue. Within my fam are gluten free , Celiac, Vegan, sugar and almond allergies. Thus, I have adapted this to suit everyone and still have it be delicious and exclaimed over. The testament to deliciousness is that there is NEVER any left! Topping:
    2 cups fresh cranberries, ½ c. water, ¾ c+ xylitol
    . A caveat regarding xylitol: While it is ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Nature and Dancing - Boost Your Brain & Metabolism!

    What in the world do they both have in common? Dancing and being in nature both boost your metabolism and are FUN!! How great is that to be able to do something fun and get such terrific bennies. Dancing causes our brains to form new neural connections and work faster. Think of the fancy footwork involved in swing dancing alone! Dancing increases blood supply to the brain, fueling the temporal and prefrontal area, which causes memory improvement. Don’t be concerned if you feel you have no aptitude for dancing, or possibly have problems with your ankles, feet or legs. Dancing can be done seated OR standing for benefits. Doing anything in Nature helps us renew and replenish the ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Brain Gym!

    These exercises not only increase metabolism, but enhance brain health! How? Via physical movement, brain stimulation, stress management, and socialization (if done in a group setting), these simple exercises can improve health and wellness. Cross Crawl:
    Stand or sit, and march in place, touching one hand to the opposite knee, then switch. Continue for 4 – 8 breaths to integrate both hemispheres of your brain. Hookups:
    Stand with both feet on the floor; cross left leg over right ankle. Extend your arms with backs of your hands facing each other, and cross the left hand over the right. Join hands, palms facing. Inhale and place the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth, ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | The Super Powers of Bone Broth Part 2 The Recipe!

    I know you have been eagerly waiting for this recipe, to embark on your first batch of Bone Broth!
    My choice was to make chicken broth, though if beef or fish broth sound better you’ll find many recipes on the web. A caveat:
    You’ll need to set aside several days to make this soup, from start to finish. Though the recipe says ‘prep time is 15 mins’,
    the process from start to finish is much longer, 2-3 days depending on how you spread out the process. In order to lower your stress level (remember, stress isn’t good for gut health ?) I’d like to give you the original recipe, tell you how I made my first batch, then give you feedback on what I’ll ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Anytime Brain Boosters

    Here are some NEAT
    exercises (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) that you can do anytime or anywhere, to bump up metabolism and increase brain health! *While standing in line at the post office or bank, flex from side to side, with your arms overhead (feels wonderful!) *Clasp hands behind the back, meanwhile looking up. Great chest stretch! Follow that by simply leaning forward, hands still clasped. Great hamstring stretch! Inhale while stretching, exhale when you release. Repeat several times. *Squats and lunges (who cares if people stare??) *March in place, with either knee high or feet close to the ground. Can also be done seated! *Practice your balance: Stand on one leg, core ....

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  • The Super Powers of Bone Broth, Part 1

    I know this will sound crazy, but if you would like to heal your gut, strengthen your immune system, lose weight, erase wrinkles and keep your joints healthy, my recommendation is BONE BROTH!
    Sounds like the latest fad, doesn't it?
    It’s not a mystery why Hollywood stars are paying $$ for it, every day, and athletes are using it to get an edge on competitors. Our mothers knew a good pot of chicken soup was best if we were sick, as children. The first pot of broth was likely made by our ancestors, not long after they invented fire. Bone broth is truly medicine, at it's finest. One of the biggest appeals to me is that it heals your gut.
    For the past 12+ years I've suffered from ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Integrate N.E.A.T.** to Boost Metabolism and Cognitive Function

    New research is showing that making small changes every day can help us improve our health, using the very cool concept of N.E.A.T.( Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)
    . While there is no doubt about the fact that prolonged sitting can be as bad for our health as smoking, NEAT is giving us some great new tools to combat an excessively sedentary lifestyle. NEAT speaks to the calories we burn in everyday life, doing simple things such as walking to work, fidgeting, typing, housework, folding clothes, washing dishes, even chewing gum! The only activities not included are sleeping, eating, and sports. While sitting deactivates the brain, and lowers metabolism, NEAT brain boosters are ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Big Sugar and Your Health

    For five decades the sugar industry has skewed the truth and paid nutritionists and scientists to lie to us about the affects on our health. Now that everything is coming to light the soda and sugar industry are under attack (justifiably so!) from all sides. In a movement akin to the battle against Big Tobacco, sugary beverage taxes and lawsuits are springing up all over the country, and even internationally! The fact is, sugar consumption has been unquestionably linked to obesity, inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers , and cancer. How did we get here, you might very well ask. In 1951 the American Sugar Refining Co began an ambitious campaign stressing sugar as an ....

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  • Hydration and Your Health

    With the mercury rising every day, it’s more important than ever to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Remember, in hot temps, and especially so if you are exercising, water will often not be enough. It’s important to add electrolytes to your water, to avoid heat exhaustion or worse ~ heat stroke. The addition of electrolytes will keep your heart and brain functioning and stable, and help the body as a whole achieve homeostasis. Our bodies consist mostly of water ~ having enough will keep our bodies happy, while failing to hydrate will make our bodies deeply unhappy. The rule of thumb is “Drink before you’re thirsty!” Thirst alone is a poor indication of hydration ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Migraines ~ Could Weight Be The Answer?

    Migraines have long confounded sufferers and medical practitioners alike. New info is suggesting that weight may be a factor. Twelve studies involving 288,981 individuals showed that obese people had a 27% greater chance
    of developing a migraine than normal weight individuals. Another striking finding was that underweight people had a 13% greater chance of having a migraine.
    Additionally, women and younger people, who are obese, are at greater risk of having a migraine. Unfortunately, no data can suggest why obesity is such a strong factor, but Dr. Peterlin, a lead researcher, had this to say: “It is not clear how body composition could affect a migraine. Adipose tissue (fat) ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Get Your Hemp On!

    Hemp sales are at an all time high, with record sales of $129 million reached in 2016. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, as hemp is a nutritional powerhouse! As a plant source of protein, hemp weighs in at a whopping 10 grams per 3 T serving!! It is also a fantastic source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and magnesium, an important mineral. Available as hemp milk, oil, and protein powder it is also being added to protein bars and even ice cream! Below are some ways that you can incorporate hemp into your daily eating lifestyle. Look for organic hemp products, ensuring that magnesium is available. Magnesium is stripped out of the soil in conventional farming. Hemp seeds (or hearts), can ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Low Impact HIIT Training!

    Love the idea of how amazingly well HIIT Training works but cringe when you think of the impact to your body? Well, here are some new techniques using totally low-impact movements. You’ll get all the bennies of a high impact HIIT class without putting the pressure on your body! Be sure and get warmed up for at least five minutes beforehand, using whatever method you choose… Cliff Notes: The effectiveness of HIIT training is based on ‘Work to Rest Ratios’
    . For this particular training you can choose either 30:60 or 90:45
    . If you desire a more intense workout choose the 90:45. If not, choose the 30:60. The first number is the work portion, in seconds. The ....

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  • Say NO to Diabetes!

    Once a rarity, today more than 29 million people have diabetes, and 86 million have pre-diabetes. Diabetes is a very deadly disease ~ once you have it you’ve opened the door to kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke. The solution may seem ridiculously simple: we can tackle this disease with a knife and fork! Fill your shopping cart with these foods to keep diabetes at bay: Avocado:
    May help put the brakes on metabolic syndrome ~ a cluster of risk factors, including high blood sugar and diabetes. Lentils:
    Those who eat more legumes, particularly lentils, are far less likely to contract the disease. By substituting lentils for more starchy, simple carbs like rice, potatoes, and ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Regular Exercise Benefits Brain Health

    Much research over the years has pointed to exercise benefiting brain health. Recent research focused on five different activities: aerobic exercise, resistance training,“multi- component” (combo resistance and aerobic), tai chi, and yoga, and how these activities affected brain capacity, attention, executive function, memory, and working memory. Participants were aged 50 and over, who exercised in supervised training for 4+ weeks. Aerobic exercise, resistance training and multi-component training were all associated with gains in cognitive function, as long as sessions were moderate to vigorous, and between 45 and 60 minutes. Some gains were seen with tai chi, but yoga did ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue | Are Detox Diets For You?

    Should I do a Detox Diet?
    The media is loaded with info suggesting we do detox diets, and supplement stores support that idea with a plethora of products. But what about the fact that detoxing is the main job of our liver ? Not to mention, our digestive system considers it a big deal too. Do we really need to detox to remove the ‘poisons’ from our bodies? Detoxing is a priority for our bodies, every day, and our nutrition ~ for better or worse ~ can either make the job more difficult or enhance the process. Below are tips to enhance the natural detoxification process of your body. Every day choose foods that will help your detox process:
    Vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, ....

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  • More Veggies & Fruit = Less Psychological Stress! | Bellevue Personal Training

    We all know that we should be eating lots of veggies and fruit. It now seems that there is a strong correlation between the amount of veggies and fruits we eat and low psychological stress (or distress). In fact, a University of Sydney analysis of more than 60,000 adults, ages 45 and older, showed just that. This very study confirms prior studies done in Britain, Canada and Switzerland which have found that eating moderate amounts of fruits and veggies not only contributes to our sense of well being, but also lowers risk of depression and distress. One caveat: these studies suggest that there is a stronger protective effect for women than men. Take a look at your day and factor in ....

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  • Personal Training Bellevue: Nature ~ Your Best Gym?

    More and more people are choosing to exercise outside, rather than in a climate controlled gym. Spring through Fall are of course the best times to workout in nature, but some people continue on even in poor weather. Exercise aside, simply being outside is better for our health: More vitamin D is produced, mood is improved, stress levels drop, and we can actually heal faster! People have a greater sense of well being walking outside, rather than inside on a treadmill. One person commented: “You’re getting a great workout but it doesn’t feel as hard”. People want to be outside! According to Hank Ebeling, owner of H4 Training in Wheaton, Illinois says ....

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  • More Good News About the Mediterranean Diet! | Personal Training Bellevue

    The Mediterranean diet has already established a rep as being the high fat, plant based diet responsible for improved health outcomes, such as weight loss, cancer prevention and brain health. As scientists continue to study this eating lifestyle, even more positive benefits emerge. The heart healthy
    nature of this eating, due to the high consumption of good fats from olives, olive oil, avocados and fatty fish, runs counter to the American way of thinking and eating. Olives, in particular, have high levels of antioxidants, which strengthen blood vessels, improve blood flow, and improve blood cholesterol levels. In a nutshell, eating high levels of good fats helps prevent heart attacks! ....

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  • Move It Or Lose It | Personal Training Bellevue

    Move It!
    The old adage of ‘use it or lose it’ should become our national motto. There are over 35 chronic diseases and health conditions that can be prevented by regular exercise and physical activity. 92% of adolescents and 95% of adults in the US do not
    meet minimum guidelines for physical activity. Currently, 34.9% of adults are obese, with 50% obesity predicted for the year 2020, if our current situation goes unchanged. Research now stresses that regular physical activity, NOT a drug or a pill
    , is the best way to combat ‘sedentary death syndrome’ ( SeDS )
    : chronic, potentially life-threatening disease caused by inactivity. Had I not begun exercising to lose ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Why Athletes Need Water

    Why Athletes Need Water Training
    Experts agree that there are many benefits to training in the water. In fact, more and more athletes are turning to the pool ~ for cross training, rehabilitation, and off season workouts, to name a few. Here are some of the many benefits to water training: Reducing Overuse Injuries:
    The repetitive stress of intense training can cause overuse injuries. Water training can actually reduce impact by 85%, which results in less stress and less injury! Supplementing Land Training:
    Surprisingly, many of the activities we do on land can also be done in the water! Shallow water is good for jumps; deep water is good for long distance run training; transitional ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Optimism and Women’s Health

    Optimism and Women’s Health
    We likely all know and admire women who are unfailingly optimistic ~ no matter the situation! Talking with them or being in their presence never fails to uplift our moods. Now research shows that if you are an optimistic woman, and help others look on the bright side, you may be supporting your health and theirs in a very powerful way. The big takeaway is that optimistic women are likely to live longer than their pessimistic peers. Optimism has been associated with lower risk of premature death from heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, cancer, and infections. Further, while most health professionals focus on reducing risk factors for all disease, ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Healthy Convenience Foods

    We all have busy lives, and time is often of the essence. Add to that any athletic endeavors of yours or your family, and there is often a need to supplement an existing meal idea or have something nutritious handy for those ‘on the run’ days. The idea here is to use ‘real’ convenience food (ie: as nutritious as possible).

    Packaged frozen fruits for smoothies
    Greek yogurt for smoothies or fruit bowls, almonds to sprinkle on top
    Frozen shredded potatoes for breakfast burritos
    Cereal Buffet Bar: Set out a healthy cereal, small bowls of protein granola, nuts, dry and fresh fruits, yogurt and low-fat milk/coconut milk
    Rice (or other) tortilla, and any ....

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  • The Value of Nordic Walking for Older Adults

    Nordic pole walking is a terrific way to get an upper body workout while doing cardio! This up and coming activity engages a whopping 90% of your muscles!! Rather like cross country skiing, except that it is land based when Nordic walking one is pushing their poles into the ground to engage upper body muscles. This, in turn, distributes weight away from the lower extremities and relieves stress on the joints. Nordic pole walking is the perfect exercise for an older adult and anyone who might be living with a chronic disease. Not only is this an extremely accessible activity and simple in nature (grab poles/put on shoes ~ anywhere, and go!), but it’s ideal for people of all ages and ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Stretching Tips

    As I continually tell my clients, one of the most important tools for recovery is to spend 10-20 minutes, EVERY day stretching!! Your body will thank you for it, you will move without discomfort, and age with much more freedom of movement. Basic stretches can be found on YouTube, or ask your local Personal Trainer. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your stretching session.
    Breathe in a way that feels natural to you or feels it’s enhancing your stretches. Never hold your breath!
    Test your flexibility and document, by way of a short video with your phone or journaling, any positive or negative changes.
    Take your muscles only to a position where you feel relaxed ~ ....

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  • Top 20 Fitness Trends

    Top 20 Fitness Trends for 2017!
    Here are the results of the ACSM’s most recent worldwide survey of fitness trends. Always fun to note what activities are the hottest, and where our activities rate with the rest of the world ? This is the 11th year ACSM has conducted the worldwide survey, and categories are listed in order of most popular.
    Wearable technology
    Body weight training
    High intensity, interval training (HIIT)
    Educated, certified & experienced fitness professionals
    Strength training
    Group training
    Exercise is Medicine
    Personal Training
    Exercise and weight loss
    Fitness programs for older adults
    Functional Fitness
    Outdoor activities
    Group Personal Training
    Wellness ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training Helps Clients Avoid Dementia and Premature Aging

    Extended Sitting Accelerates Aging & Dementia Risk
    The research continues to pour in ~ spending too much time sitting increases the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, aging, dementia, early mortality and more. Women with the lowest activity levels tended to be Caucasian, older, and obese, and were also likely to have high blood pressure, a history of chronic disease, a lower physical performance score, and have suffered a fall in the past 12 months. Research examined telomere length (considered a strong indicator of aging) and sedentary time. People with shorter telomeres* tended to have a shorter lifespan and were thought to be significantly “older” than those with ....

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  • Bellevue Fitness & Health Tips from the Professionals

    Health & Fitness Pros Weigh in on Nutrition & Research*
    Christopher Gardner, Ph.D., Nutrition Researcher:
    “Plants have a full profile of amino acids ~ we eat so much protein every day that it doesn’t matter if they’re in the appropriate proportions. This reinforced my own decision to go vegetarian. I don’t lose muscle, and I’m not wasting away.” Lee Jordan, Trainer & Health Coach:
    Jordan lost 270 # and specializes in helping people who need to lose at least 100#. “The minute my clients make this about one thing, like sugar or saturated fat, they begin to lose steam. Not all knowledge is power. Power is the application of that ....

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  • Mary Finds Continued Success with Home Personal Training in Bellevue

    Bellevue Personal Training at it's Finest!
    Mary, one of my home training clients for going on 4 years, continues to make splendid progress. Not only can she execute a squat far better than many clients I've worked with (which is saying a lot), but she continues to progress to more advanced exercises, particularly challenging core moves. Mary has always had a sturdy build, and weight loss was never her goal. She desired continued good health and the strength/stamina to keep up with her grandkids, now 4 and 6. She believes she has achieved that goal and has no intention of stopping either her home training or her progress! ....

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  • Just for the Halibut | Bellevue Personal Training

    There are a handful of foods that make us think ‘Spring’, ~ asparagus, strawberries, sugar snap peas and halibut!! Low fat, high protein, and just plain delicious, halibut only has two runs a year, so it’s wise to make the most of it and grab it awhile you can. Perfect with almost anything else you might choose to cook, but especially delicious with asparagus, baby new potatoes, and a crisp white wine. Enjoy! Lemon Pepper Halibut
    1 t. lemon zest 1 t. fresh cracked pepper 1 & 1/2 # halibut fillet, skin off 2 T. tamari or soy sauce. Preheat oven to 425. Combine lemon zest and pepper. Place fish on a parchment lined (or well greased) baking dish. Brush with ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training Client Finds Success at 78!

    Linda's Success with Personal Training in Bellevue
    Linda continues to demonstrate impressive strength and range of motion gains, made even more significant by her tender age of 78! In three of the pics she shows us how to accomplish the medicine ball squat-wall throw, a total body, functional training movement. This is a challenging maneuver and not to be attempted by a newbie! Push-ups and seated rows are also part of her workout. An exercise that isn't represented is Linda doing a barbell bench press. She's the ONLY client I've ever had, over age 55, that's been able to do this. I couldn't be more proud! ....

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  • Exercise and a Healthy Gut | Personal Training Bellevue

    Gut microbiota is a hot topic these days, and with good reason: A healthy gut is a key indicator of good health. Each of us has trillions of micro-organisms in our gut, with at least 1,000 known species, with more than 3 million genes! The reasons to keep your gut health are many-fold: *Immune system support
    *Production of vitamins B & K
    *Protection against metabolic disorders
    Recent research has uncovered the fact that there is a link between exercise and having a healthy gut. Exercise actually alters the bacterial composition of the digestive system. Athletes that were studied showed greater diversity in gut microbiota than control subjects. One particular microbe, ....

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  • Personal Training in Bellevue - Balanced Bodyworks - Bellevue Personal Training Client Excels at HIIT Training

    Bellevue Personal Training Client Excels at HIIT Training

    Bellevue HIIT Training Client
    At 78 years young Linda proves, with her seemingly effortless use of the Battle Rope, that Interval Training isn't just for the 20 - 30 something crowd! For more information on HIIT Training or other Fitness & Nutrition programs, please fill out the "request more information form" on the right-hand side. ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training Client Success Story

    Mary executes a flawless kettle bell swing in this short video, and the pics show how she achieved that form. When we began working together almost 4 years ago Mary was unable to do such a challenging exercise. Over time her total body strength grew tremendously, and now, here we are today, with her performing a very challenging, total body exercise. It's also terrific for burning body fat and revving up the metabolism! ....

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  • Harness the Power of Your STRESS! | Bellevue Personal Trainer

    We all know that using relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, is the key to lowering stress, right? But what if that isn’t
    the best idea? A Harvard business school study recently proved that calming down wasn’t really the best idea. In fact, those who were taught to channel their stress into excitement felt more confident and prepared! Studies comparing the responses of first-time skydivers to the more experienced showed their physiological responses didn’t differ
    ! Stress responses rose no matter the situation, making it indistinguishable from the autonomic nervous system to decide whether the person was in ‘fight or flight’ or ‘excite and ....

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  • Personal Training in Bellevue

    Kayla demonstrates expert handling of the Battle Rope, during our Interval Training session. Interval Training is a superb way to rev up your metabolism and burn stored body fat, while getting stronger at the same time! All in a much shorter time frame than a traditional workout. ....

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  • Superfoods for Your Health!* | Bellevue Nutrition Coaching

    is loaded with antioxidants, which protects your cells from damage and will reduce your risk for many chronic diseases. ? Thyme
    fights bacteria and is super effective combating acne! Wild Salmon
    full of Omega 3 fatty acids, which protects your brain and heart, has also been found to help with cognitive decline and premature aging. Kale
    is high in vitamin K and lutein, helping lower the risk of cataracts and other eye disorders. Avocados
    are very high in glutathione, an antioxidant that improves overall hormone function. Basil & Mint
    aids digestion, lowers inflammation, and now has been shown to boost the immune system. Basil is also a remarkable anti-depressant ? ....

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  • In Home Personal Training in Bellevue

    Sara’s Progress:
    Sara has been doing splendidly in her home training sessions, despite a nagging ankle issue that has somewhat limited her range of motion in certain exercises. Her plucky attitude coupled with determination has enabled her to execute exercises such as reverse lunges, in a partial range of motion, and feel happy about her progress. She knows that baby steps will help her continue to get stronger while allowing her ankle to heal. Meanwhile, we place just a bit more focus on the upper body exercises that she can give her all to! ....

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  • Personal Training in Bellevue

    Check Out Bellevue's Premiere Personal Training Studio!
    Come train with me at the newly remodeled W8lift Studio in Bellevue. We have everything you need to get stronger, leaner, more flexible and fit! Let me help you realize your health and fitness goals. Spring is almost here, and your success along with it! ....

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  • Home Personal Training Client Loses Weight and Gets Fit

    Linda Z came to me because the weight gain she’d experienced over 10 – 15 years that had ‘just snuck up over time’, landed around her middle, and there it stayed! She is also an avid hiker and skier, and wanted a program that would strengthen her for the things she loved. We began with a structured strength training program in home, planned out her cardio days, and then moved into nutrition education. Linda was delighted with the nutrition education and eating plan, with feedback like ‘I feel TERRIFIC with this eating ~ I could do this the rest of my life’'! Linda is very motivated, and a self starter. Over time she made such progress with her ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training Client Gains Confidence, Self Esteem and Strength!

    Kayla and I began working together at her home, when she was in her junior year of high school. At the time my instincts were that Kayla would make the most progress if I could convince her to work with me at a local gym. By her senior year my powers of persuasion took hold, and we were working out at the gym! During that time Kayla refined her goals. As she was college bound she wanted to become stronger, leaner, and more self assured. Her mom and dad are both triathletes ~ Kayla had NO idea that strength training was her strong suit, but it is!! I’m very proud of the progress she made and confident that our work together laid the foundation for a smoother transition to college ....

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  • Home Training Client in Bellevue Realizes Her Goals!

    Mary had been ‘stalled’ for many years on taking the first step to work with a Personal Trainer. She knew she needed all over health and fitness, and also wanted strength and stamina to keep up with her two grandchildren. She was adamant about ‘no gyms’, and delighted when I agreed to come to her home. She has now achieved her fitness goals and more: strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, and we both enjoy our training sessions. It’s been four years, and Mary is still going strong! ....

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  • A 78 Year Old Client From Bellevue Is Making Terrific Gains!

    Linda P came to me 14 years ago, referred by her physical therapist. She had very little strength and had never exercised at all. Her poignant feedback was 'I thought women weren't supposed to have muscles'. She and I have been a team ever since, working through brain surgery, hip surgery and knee replacements! As the pictures say only too well--Linda now has core strength (plank on the ball), and overall body strength! ....

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  • Cancer and Exercise | Personal Training in Bellevue and Kirkland

    For over 10 years research has been showing that exercise helps protect against getting many different kinds of cancer! And, research is also showing that regular activity is linked to increasing life expectancy even after
    a cancer diagnosis, as it helps stop the cancer from recurring. Indeed, taking an active approach to fighting cancer is the best approach, as physical activity is associated with a lower risk of developing at least 13 types of cancer. Research has found that exercise lowered cancer risk in colon, breast, endometrial, esophageal, liver, kidney and myeloid leukemia cancers, among others. Exercise also improves the chances of a cancer patient who is living, due to ....

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  • Flu Prevention: What Works?* | Personal Training in Bellevue and Kirkland

    Cold and flu season is officially here, and with it many different remedies and cures! But how to ‘sort the fly shit from the pepper’, to use a colorful old saying, and figure out what really works? My feeling is that if we work to stay as healthy as possible we’ll be able to ward off most of the really nasty stuff out there. Sleep ~
    Like most people you probably know that sleep is one of THE
    most important factors in your health. But did you know how many different systems in your body are impacted by insufficient sleep? Your hunger, your fitness, your mood, your cognitive function, and the big boy: your immune system.
    If you want to avoid flu and colds you need to ....

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  • Wireless Technology and Radiation | Personal Training in Bellevue and Kirkland

    Wireless technology is part of our everyday lives, yet hardly anyone talks about the radiation emitted with use. Oh sure, we’ve been warned not to hold our cell phones up to our heads or against our body for prolonged periods. But did you ever think about the fact that most stores are wi-fi’d, along with many homes? And that EVERY
    wi’fi’d area is simply bombarding you with radiation the whole time? And that the possibility of ill health will
    arise from regular use? We are, in fact, subjected to 100 million times
    the radiation that our grandparents were! Babies and toddlers are at a greater risk as their skulls are thinner and they have more water surrounding ....

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  • Fitness is About More than Six Pack Abs and Huge Muscles! | Personal Training in Bellevue and Kirkland

    For many people (especially those over 60!) it’s about being healthy, keeping disease away, and feeling good about yourself. Here’s an interesting perspective, from Marc Middleton, founder and CEO of Growing Bolder, who is intent on changing the way the world looks at aging by smashing stereotypes: “To anyone out of college, fitness is health, wellness, energy, stamina, stability and movement—the qualities that lead to active longevity and the opportunity for travel, hiking, adventure, dancing and more into our 80’s and 90’s. Show us a fitness program with real people that facilitates active living into our 80’s and 90’s, as opposed to one ....

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  • Reasons for Low Thyroid Function | Personal Training in Bellevue

    Have you ever heard someone say they had a slow thyroid and wondered if it wasn’t just another excuse to avoid exercise? Approximately 20 million Americans have some type of thyroid disease, with women five to eight times more likely to have it than men. Additonally, women over 60 are more apt to struggle with it. Symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, cold hands/feet, sluggish bowels, depression, cognitive decline and low vitality.
    The thyroid sets your metabolism, controls body temp and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Because the thyroid gland is a bit complicated I’ll not go into the complex workings, but rather recommend you seek out a competent naturopath if ....

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  • Bellevue Low Impact HIIT Training!

    Love the idea of how amazingly well HIIT Training works but cringe when you think of the impact to your body? Well, here are some new techniques using totally low-impact movements. You’ll get all the bennies of a high impact HIIT class without putting the pressure on your body! Be sure and get warmed up for at least five minutes beforehand, using whatever method you choose… Cliff Notes: The effectiveness of HIIT training is based on ‘Work to Rest Ratios’
    . For this particular training you can choose either 30:60 or 90:45
    . If you desire a more intense workout choose the 90:45. If not, choose the 30:60. The first number is the work portion, in seconds. The second ....

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  • Eat More Plants for Greater Health in 2017!**

    Most of us realize that eating more fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes and whole grains will vastly improve our health. Here’s some wonderful quotes from leading health experts to further inspire you to do just that in 2017! “The basic principles of good diets are so simple that I can summarize them in just ten words: eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables.” ~ Marion Nestle “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” ~ Michael Pollan “Eat a healthy diet with an emphasis on plant foods. Choose foods and drinks in amounts that help you get to and maintain a healthy weight. Limit how much processed meat and red meat you eat. Eat at least 2 ....

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  • Pregnancy and Exercise Myths** | Personal Training in Bellevue

    Myth: Exercise increases miscarriage rates.
    Though 10 – 20% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage, studies show no correlation between low to moderate intensity exercise and miscarriage. Rather, fitness is a protective factor. Myth: During pregnancy a woman’s heart rate should never get above130 – 140 beats per minute.
    No one target heart rate is ideal for a woman. Myth: Exercise leads to dangerous overheating and dehydration.
    Although overheating can be dangerous for fetal development, especially first trimester, the most important thing for a pregnant lady to remember is to stay hydrated!! Myth: Lifting weights is dangerous for mother and fetus.
    Wrong! ....

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    Unsure where to begin and disappointed with past failures?
    Contact Balanced Bodyworks for your FREE ONE HOUR Session with a Health and Fitness Coach in Bellevue and Kirkland! Find out how to finally achieve the success you deserve! During your FREE Session you will discuss your health and fitness needs, map out a strategy, and SO much more! Sign up TODAY and reserve your FREE session!!


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  • Bellevue's Best Winter Black Bean Soup

    There’s a certain wisdom in eating with the seasons. Now that the colder weather is upon us it’s in our best interest to eat nourishing soups and stews to boost our immune system, give us energy, keep us warm, and tide us over until the next meal. I’d like to share one of my favorite recipes, originally adapted from Laurel’s Kitchen many years ago. I began making this when my son was young, and it’s gone through as many changes as I have, over the years! Please assume all ingredients are organic. In a large stockpot soak 3 cups of black beans, overnight. Drain; cover with more water, and cook until almost soft. Grate in your food processor or by hand: 2-3 ....

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  • How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

    It’s all too easy to lose sight of your fitness goals, gain weight, and negate ALL the progress you’ve made in an entire year, during the Holiday season. Here are some tried and true tips that my clients use: *Every day
    do SOME
    type of exercise! Think of your body like a bank: Calories in; calories out.
    Cut yourself some slack as well, especially if you are used to going to the gym, doing some cardio AND maybe a Yoga class! Know that there often aren’t enough hours during the Holiday season and you’ll get back on track in the New Year. *Make an added effort to eat your normal meals and snacks, every day, plus drink plenty of water. (That’s 8 glasses of ....

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  • Disease Prevention and Exercise | Personal Training in Bellevue and Kirkland

    Working out helps your body and mind feel good in soooo many ways, and also has terrific health benefits. In fact, research now proves that over 35 different chronic diseases respond positively to exercise! Below are the Cliff Notes regarding three major chronic diseases that benefit from exercise: Hypertension
    , the clinical name for high blood pressure, is associated with a reduction in overall life expectancy. Exercise can not only help a person manage hypertension but also prevent it in the first place! 30- 60 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise, 4- 7 times each week is the ticket. Walking is a great way to start, if you are unfamiliar with exercise. Try stepping up the pace and time ....

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  • Fat But Fit! | Personal Training in Bellevue

    Good News! No longer need we despair if we are NOT that model figure we see on TV, but instead carry 20, 30, or ~ because of various life events ~ 40 or more pounds of extra body fat. The causes of excess weight or obesity are fairly clear cut: A high calorie diet
    coupled with a sedentary lifestyle leads to an increase in white and brown adipose tissue, further causing metabolic disorders. However, if you add exercise into the mix
    , you normalize the white and brown adipose tissue, d ecrease fat mass and reduce metabolic disorders! Hence the term ‘Fat but Fit’.
    Researchers note that ‘Fat but Fit’
    people have less visceral fat
    (the fat surrounding abdominal ....

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  • Check Out Our New Personal Training Facility in Bellevue and Kirkland

    A New and Improved Personal Training Experience
    Take a look at our new and improved facility offering personal training, yoga, nutrition and so much more in the Kirkland and Bellevue areas. Contact us today to learn more about our specials and how we can help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals. ....

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  • Childhood Obesity Stats | Personal Training in Bellevue and Kirkland

    According to info from the CDC, obesity has not only doubled in children over the past 30 years, but the excess weight gives children an unhealthy start, effectively starting them on the path to all manner of disease at an extremely early age. Below is the latest research: The estimated lifetime cost of being an obese child over a normal weight child is $19,000 per child.
    A study in Denmark showed that children with a high bmi at 13 were at an increased risk of colon cancer as adults.
    As childhood obesity continues to climb, experts predict there will be more than 100,000 MORE cases of coronary heart disease, between 2020 and 2035.
    Overweight 5 yr olds are FOUR times more likely ....

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  • Visceral Fat ~ The Most Dangerous! | Personal Training in Kirkland and Bellevue

    Visceral fat is the belly fat that surrounds the abdominal (visceral) organs. In recent years much has been learned about the dangerous nature of these fat cells. Years ago fat cells were thought to be inert: to expand if you put on weight and diminish if you lost weight. Research now proves fat tissue is a major hormone secreting organ, producing cancer markers, and cell signaling proteins, adipokines
    , that affect metabolism, eating behaviors, glucose regulation and insulin control. The three adipokines are leptin
    , adiponectin
    and visfatin
    . All three are negatively impacted in the overweight or obese individual. Leptin
    is involved in our decision to have a snack, so is ....

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  • Grow Your Microbiome | Personal Training in Kirkland and Bellevue

    Every day more evidence supports the fact that a healthy ‘gut’ (or microbiome) is essential to your very well-being! A whopping 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, and experts now believe that all auto-immune disease originates in the digestive tract. If you’re feeling stressed or depressed look no further than supporting a healthy gut, as 50-70% of your serotonin (one of our feel good hormones), is made in the gut. Eating a diet high in dietary fiber helps your gut produce more of the ‘good’ bacteria. Taking this step alone can go a long way to helping reduce inflammation, which is now considered to be the forerunner of all disease. Shoot for 30 ....

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  • Coffee: The #1 Antioxidant! | Personal Training in Kirkland and Bellevue

    Your new motto may well become “A coffee a day keeps the doctor away”! If you’ve been anxiously cutting back on your coffee consumption I have some great news. Coffee, badly maligned for the past 25 years, has now been given a clean bill of health! In years past coffee was classified as a possible carcinogen; at the very least depleting the Adrenal glands. New research shows that coffee is now considered to have more antioxidants than red wine OR green tea, and also may help fight disorders from cardiovascular disease to depression! Here’s the scoop: Three to five cups a day
    is associated with minimal health risk and may confer benefits. A New York times article ....

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  • Bones of Steel | Personal Training in Kirkland and Bellevue

    The road to success to achieve bones of steel (and of course, that means muscles of steel too!) is two part: Exercise and nutrition. As we get older it’s of the utmost importance that we have a strong skeleton to minimize the risk of osteoporosis, and also the risk of breaking bones if we were to fall. Studies continue to show that a major fall, after age 60, usually results in death within one year. Here’s the Cliff Notes on what to do: Exercise
    Regular weight bearing exercise is of the utmost importance, as it not only strengthens bones but improves coordination and balance. Weight lifting, either at the gym or in your home; walking, hiking, running, stair climbing, ....

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  • Fast and Easy Lentil Soup! | Nutrition Tips in Kirkland & Bellevue

    Now that Fall is here it’s the perfect time, as we begin to slow down and go inside, to set the stage to nourish our immune system. If we start now we can likely stave off the colds, flu, and other infections that arrive in the darker days of winter. Lentil soup is one of my personal fav’s, being fast, inexpensive, chock full of protein, and tasty! The recipe below is one I have tinkered with over many years, and it’s verrry forgiving ~ you can add most anything you like. Please assume all ingredients are organic and non GMO. With some forethought this soup can be done and ready to serve in an hour! 3 - 4 c. of washed lentils
    ; covered with ample water. This can be done ....

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  • 10 Pro Strategies To Keep That Weight Off | Personal Training in Kirkland and Bellevue

    As those who have lost weight and tried to keep it off are only too aware: It is one thing to lose unwanted body fat, and another thing entirely to keep said weight off! Below are tips from the experts that really work, some of which I’ve amended due to my 20 years in the field as a health and fitness professional: 1) Do an hour a day of ‘somewhat hard’ exercise. 2) Eat a balanced diet (3 meals/2 snacks), with good quality protein/carbs & fat at each sitting. 3) Always eat breakfast! 4) Monitor your weight on a regular basis (weekly or twice a month). 5) Maintain good eating during the week AND
    on the weekends. 6) Effectively manage depression. 7) Follow the ....

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  • Obesity The Complex Causes | Personal Training in Kirkland and Bellevue

    It’s all too easy to do, and I know we are all (myself included!), guilty of having passed judgement on someone who is 40# or more pounds overweight. We’ve all thought (or even said) “You know, if they would just move more ~ get some exercise and eat better, they would loose that weight.” For many of us, who have not had the experience of being obese, the answer is more clear cut, with a ‘calories in/calories out’ methodology that works. However, when one is obese the answer is no longer a simple equation. In fact, many complex factors determine whether a person develops obesity, and whether or not they are able to successfully lose the weight and ....

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  • Eat Your Breakfast! | Nutrition Tips in Kirkland & Bellevue

    Your mother was right ~ breakfast is the most important meal! In much the same manner that you want to ‘prime the pump’ by drinking a glass of water first thing each morning, so, too, do you want to eat a good breakfast to jump start your metabolism each day! As our bodies are in a fasting state and blood sugar levels are at their lowest each morning, what we eat for breakfast sets up our metabolism for an entire day ~ impacting our energy levels, appetite stability, supercharging hormones, and more ~ or not ? Far too common is no breakfast at all, leaving the house at break neck speed, maybe grabbing a doughnut and coffee at the nearest convenience store. Benefits of a ....

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  • Your Daily Stretch | Fitness Tips in Kirkland

    How many times have you realized your really needed to implement a stretching program, but haven’t ~ for so many reasons?? With busy days and a full schedule, it can seem like a tough call to fit in ONE more thing. However, if you can set aside 15 – 20 minutes, preferably at the end of the day, for a basic stretching program, untold rewards are most certainly yours! Quite simply, stretching is one of the most important tools you can add to your life for overall health. Many people skip stretching because they feel they don’t have the time, or are too stiff. I’ve found what works best for me is to factor it in as I wind down for the day. The hour before bed ....

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  • The Power of Your Mindset: Part 2 | Kirkland Personal Training

    Last week we discussed different types of mindsets: Promotion vs. prevention, and growth mindsets vs. fixed. This week I’d like to share 10 Key Negative Mindsets, courtesy of Michael Mantell, PhD. Michael is the director of behavior science coaching at Premier Fitness Camp in San Diego, and has spent the past 40 years urging people to change their mindsets to improve their bodies! These ideas originate from the work of David Burns, the author of “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy". 10 Key Negative Mindsets**
    1. All or nothing thinking
    : You look at things in absolutes ~ either black or white: “If I can’t do all the reps in this set I’m not cut out to ....

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  • The Power of Your Mindset: Part 1 | Personal Training in Kirkland

    The Power of Your Mindset: Part 1
    No matter how hard we exercise or how excellent we think our nutrition is, the reason we may not be getting the results we seek can be as simple as our mindset! Our mindset shapes the world that surrounds us. We’ve all heard the popular analogy of ‘you either see the glass as half empty or half full’. Mindset is why no two people look at the same facts and draw the same conclusion! As Brett Klika, CSCS, CEO of Spiderfit Kids in San Diego, put it so succinctly: “Psychology trumps physiology every time!” Quite simply, people who are driven and motivated can do extraordinary things; people who are ....

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  • How Do You Stay Fit on the Road? | Personal Training in Kirkland

    Gosh, all that time you put into working out in the gym, with your trainer ~ and now you need to travel on business and have NO idea how you will keep things going. Sheesh. It’s enough to make you want to wear the emoticon scowly face!! Why don’t more people exercise when they travel? Maybe because it’s soooo much easier just to let it go. But wait ~ all you need is a bit of creativity! Exercise is possible in a hotel room, at the airport, even on a plane! Anytime you have 5 -10 minutes of downtime, no matter where you are in your travels, it’s a great excuse to MOVE, get the blood moving, and restore range of motion!! Try setting your smart phone with reminders at ....

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  • Eat Like an Olympic Athlete! | Personal Training and Nutrition in Kirkland

    With the 2016 Olympic Games at our doorstep, it makes us take a good look at professional athletes and their dedication to a specific sport(s), and the hours upon hours invested to achieve superior performance. It’s no accident that most elite athletes harness performance nutrition specialists to help them achieve their goals. These ultra athletes eat an amazing amount of fuel (food) each day, and it all goes to support their lean muscle mass and hours of endurance activities. The fact of the matter is that you, too, can eat like an Olympic athlete, with the right kind of training program and the nutrition to support it. As I remind my clients, their goal is to eat a half a ....

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  • Your Summer Vacation and Stretching | Personal Training in Kirkland

    ‘Tis the season for vacations of all sorts ~ from long car trips and camping with the fam, to overseas travel. Accompanying the hours of sitting on your vacation travel comes plenty of tight muscles! Below are a handful of my ‘tried and true’ remedies to loosen up tight muscles. All can be done while seated on an airplane, in a car, at the airport, or while enjoying your fire at the campground. Spinal Flexion/Extension:
    Sit up with back straight, hands gently on knees. Exhale, round your back, and tuck chin into chest. Now inhale and arch your back (like a cat), head looking forward or up. Repeat, 10-15 times. When done allow your hands to travel down towards your feet. Stay awhile, ....

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  • Your Healthy Kitchen | Personal Trainer in Kirkland

    There are many different ‘eating lifestyles’ out in the world; thus a plethora of information and disinformation abound. I would like to focus on what I consider to be a healthful eating pattern ~ a balance of the macro-nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. This eating could also tend towards a more Paleo-ish style, meaning grain free and mostly legume free. The benefits of eating this way are many: a healthful weight/bmi; greater energy and happiness; more sound sleep; balanced hormones; reduction of inflammation and disease. As a further endorsement, this has been my eating lifestyle for 20+ years, and is what I advocate and teach my clients ? Assume everything mentioned is organic ....

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  • Why You Should Squat, Part 2 | Kirkland and Bellevue Personal Training

    Did you know that squats are good for your digestion and elimination? In many cultures people squat to work in their gardens, visit with others and socialize, and to eliminate fecal matter (in lieu of using a toilet). When this type of squat is performed the torso is pushing down on and supported by the thighs. This act is what pushes the feces uphill and through the colon, producing proper elimination. As a nation, the U.S., and many other countries are at a distinct disadvantage, as we are a culture of ‘sitters’, and non-squatters. Hence many have problems with constipation and need laxatives to fully eliminate and clean out the colon. The modern toilet, by its very design, doesn’t ....

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  • Why You Should Squat, Part 1 | Kirkland and Bellevue Personal Training

    Squatting is one of the most useful of the “Primal Pattern” movements, as we use it on a daily basis. Think about bodily movements that are critical for us in everyday life: pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, rotating, level changes. The movements are considered ‘Functional Movements”, as life as we know it would cease to exist, and we’d all be wheelchair bound, without them! Consider what occurs when one watches a toddler try and pick up a small object from the ground: They execute an almost flawless squat, and a deep one at that! With their heels firmly planted on the floor, they lower down until their bottom almost touches the ground. With eyes intently focused on the tiny object in ....

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  • Sugar ~ the New Fat | Nutrition and Personal Training in Kirkland

    As obesity in the U.S. continues to climb with each passing year, a new villain has emerged. And that bad boy is sugar! For years fat was the bad guy. As a nation we were told to eliminate it from our diets. Of course, the food industry followed suit with low fat or no fat products across the board. Then the startling evidence rolled in: somehow, even eating a low fat or fat free diet, our nation was STILL
    becoming the fattest one on the planet!! Evidence now clearly points to the fact that fat is not the culprit in obesity and diabetes. Sugar is the real problem, causing inflammation which is the pre-cursor to all disease. The stats are in, and Americans eat a whopping 60# of sugar ....

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  • Why Do We Gain Weight? | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach in Kirkland

    As Americans we live in a culture of never-ending-weight loss. At every corner there is a new fad diet, energy pill or way to instantly rid yourself of the unwanted 10, 15 or 20 lbs. of weight. New research focusing on the ‘why’s’ of weight gain may help the ‘ah-hah’ light go on as you see yourself in one or more of these behavior patterns. Here are six insights from prominent exercise science professors: 1) Consumption of high calorie foods.
    The foods most associated with weight gain over a period of several years were regular consumption of potato chips, potatoes (in all forms ~ especially French fries!); red meat, processed meats (bacon,/lunch meat), and unprocessed red meat ....

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  • Exercise and Your Brain | Kirkland Personal Trainer

    New research shows that exercise is just as important for your brain as your body! Regular exercise appears to yield cognitive rewards, no matter your age or fitness level.Of course, best case scenario would be a minimum of 2.5 hrs of cardio a week, and 2 days of strength training per week. Here’s the latest stats on brain benefits from exercise. Focus:
    Physically fit people are better able to focus on a challenging cognitive task. What this may boil down to is that an exercise program may very well help you to better
    focus on the task at hand, despite incoming calls, emails and texts. Maintaining memory and cognitive skills:
    Endurance training and the ‘biochemical cascade’ that ....

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  • The Physical and Mental Benefits of a Digital Detox | Kirkland Personal Trainer

    Ever notice that it seems like technology can seep into every moment of your life and take over? Let’s face it ~ we live in a world where our iphones, tablets, and computers are a big part of our life. They are all important tools but it’s important to put them into perspective. Do you ever step away from your techie tools and take a break? Possibly have a time out every day, or a day off each week? Here’s the scoop on digital detox, an increasingly popular way to set limits on our technology use. Physical benefits:
    Taking time away from technology can help you avoid musculoskeletal changes that occur when you use your devices. Neck, back, wrist and rotator cuff issues, among others, are ....

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  • Stats on Stress & How Exercise Can Help | Kirkland Personal Trainer

    With the crazy-busy lives we all have, plus the ever increasing pressure instant technology places on us, it’s fairly evident stress is a part of everyday life for most of us. A little known fact is that there is good
    stress and bad
    stress. A funny thought is that if we NEVER had any stress, we might not make any positive changes in our lives! Stress as an occasional catalyst ( acute stress
    ), in our lives is a good thing, and can cause us to grow and blossom. Unfortunately, the bad stress that most of us are all-too-familiar with ( chronic stress
    ) can be responsible for a train wreck of ailments, ultimately leading to disease. Chronic stress has been linked to heart disease, ....

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  • Kirkland Personal Trainer Reveals the 8 Factors That Determine Your True Age

    Have you ever considered that you might actually be younger
    than the years on your birth certificate? Quite simply, your chronological age is vastly different than your ‘real age’ (also known as your biological or vitality age). Fascinating studies that have emerged in the last 10 – 15 years point to the fact that the very way we live determines what that number is, and that number (real age) points to longevity. Depending on what your lifestyle habits are, you could be as much as 15 years younger, or even 15 years older than your birth age! Below are some of the determining factors of your real age: *Diet *Level of daily activity *Mood and happiness on a daily basis *BMI or weight ....

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  • Weight Loss Tactics Backed by Solid Science | Personal Training in Kirkland

    As a culture, we’re not just drowning in sugary liquid calories, but were also neck deep in opinions about the best way to eat to loose weight! Everyone from Facebook friends, to health bloggers, to co-workers, family and friends have advice for us! So and so advises getting off all gluten really
    works, or possibly going grain free. Another well meaning friend assures us that coconut water is the answer. Who to believe? Below are seven tactics backed by the latest science. Drink water before meals.
    Filling the tank with a glass of water before eating expands the stomach making you feel more full, making it easier to control food intake. Counting your bites.
    This tactic allows you to ....

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  • Walking - Your Best Medicine | Personal Training Tips in Kirkland

    It’s likely no surprise that Hippocrates said ‘Walking is man’s best medicine.” Though he said this many years ago, (460 – 375 BC), it still very much applies today! Quite simply, going for a walk is one of the easiest, most accessible ways for many folks to transform their lives from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. And all it requires is lacing up a pair of shoes and walking out the front door! Why walking?
    As it turns out, most adults prefer walking to other forms of exercise, for a variety of reasons: 1. It’s an easy way to start and maintain a physically active lifestyle that combines exercise, health promotion, fun and transportation. 2. It lets people be nurturing, when ....

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  • Four Best Exercises to Eliminate Low Back Pain | Personal Training in Kirkland

    Without fail, these exercises help my clients overcome low back pain issues. In the past 18 years I’ve had literally hundreds
    of ladies come to me with this as a chief complaint. Low back pain is usually caused by a number of issues: poor core strength, tight hip flexors, and too much sitting. Physical Therapists and Chiropractors also invoke these same exercises, often giving them different names. You may recognize them from Yoga classes; indeed the origin is Yoga, which is thousands of years old. Cat/Cow:
    Begin on hands and knees, placing hands and knees in line with shoulders. Take a nice deep breath, exhale and round your back, tucking chin into chest and tailbone in. Pause. ....

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  • HIIT Training in Kirkland

    Client Spotlight: Kayla D. is 18 and getting in shape to begin college in the Fall. She's really dedicated to her workouts and it shows! Nothing like HIIT training to shave off unneeded weight! ....

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  • Healthy Snacks to Energize Your Workouts & Life! | Nutrition Coaching in Kirkland

    Clients frequently ask me what they should be eating either before or after workouts, or just on a daily basis when they are starving to death mid to late afternoon. All of these snack ideas have been personally conceived by yours truly, and I’ve taken the extra time to make sure they are absolutely balanced, with just the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat. These snacks will definitely energize you and help you get past the mid afternoon blahs, and particularly recover from a workout. Even better, if you are on the run it’s fairly easy to pop into a grocery store and find most of the items. If the snacks feel a bit light feel free to double them. Please drink an 8 oz glass of ....

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  • Top 10 Exercises to Build Muscle & Burn Fat | Fitness Tips in Kirkland and Bellevue

    The exercises I’m about to give you have been around for years, with good reason! All are ‘resistance exercises’ done with barbells or dumbbells ~ not machines, which tend to take off some of the load, essentially helping with the work. By gradually increasing the weight (or resistance) over time you’ll build muscle. Since your muscle mass is a good portion of your metabolism, you’ll also naturally loose weight as a result! Check YouTube for videos on proper function, or engage the services of a competent Fitness Professional, such as myself, to get you started on the right foot. ? Go slow, starting with one set of each exercise, 10 – 12 repetitions, then work up to 2 or 3 sets. 1) ....

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  • Cardio to Maximize Your Fat Loss! | Kirkland Health and Fitness

    Now that the warmer weather is here and we’re putting on shorts, tank tops and dresses, it’s fairly common for the ‘OMG, what happened??’ response, as we go from wearing clothes that completely cover us to clothes that are very revealing! While 4 – 5 days of cardio done within your Target Heart Rate is a good overall rule, this time of year calls for drastic measures, so let’s pull out all the stops!! Here are two tried and true cardio techniques that I recommend to clients, and use myself. Go Hard:
    This strategy is fabulous when you are limited on time. However, this technique also requires far more recovery, so I strongly
    recommend only doing this once or twice a week. Interval ....

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  • Sleep - Your Missing Link? | Nutrition Coaching in Kirkland & Bellevue

    We all have such busy lives that it’s often tempting to cut back in an area that’s vital to good health: our sleep. Sometimes it’s a conscious decision; other times the culprit is not being aware of good sleep hygiene
    or lack of knowledge as to the detrimental effects of poor sleep. Sleep is imperative for brain detoxification.
    We sleep because the body and brain need to detox from the days’ activities. Interestingly, our brain is ONLY working on detox while we sleep. Says researcher, Dr. Maiken: “The brain only has limited energy at its disposal and it appears it must choose between two different functional states ~ awake and aware, or asleep and cleaning up.” “You can think of it ....

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  • Chronic Frenzy | Kirkland Health and Fitness Coach

    Most of us are barraged on a daily basis by a multitude of demands.
    If it’s not work or relationship pressure, or meeting all the demands of daily life, it’s pressure to be constantly connected to all our devices and respond to emails, texts, calls, FB, in a timely manner. Today I’d like to take a look at those demands and pose some creative solutions! Focus is becoming a rare commodity.
    As a society, we are experiencing record breaking levels of distraction caused by the proliferation of technological devices. Many people feel so pressured by the unrelenting fire hose of messages delivered 24/7 that they risk lives to text/talk or email while driving. See yourself in the above ....

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  • Staging Trumps Willpower | Kirkland Nutrition and Fitness Tips

    I can hear your reaction now: Whaaaaat?
    For years we’ve all heard that ‘if I had enough willpower
    I could stick with healthy eating and loose weight.’ Or, ‘if I had enough willpower
    I would adopt an exercise program and do it, even after a long, tough day.’ Or the best one: ‘if I had enough willpower
    I could resist eating that doughnut, cookie, candy, chips, etc., staring at me at the party, office, on my kitchen counter.’ But, the great news is that it’s NOT the answer!
    As Brian Wansink, PhD, points out in his new book “ Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life
    ”, for 90% of us the solution is not to harness our willpower. Our lives are too crazy and our ....

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  • Pro Tips for a Successful Workout | Kirkland and Bellevue Personal Training

    Ever notice that some days you have a terrific workout, whereas other days it’s more like ‘sheesh ~ why did I bother?!’ There is a bit of science involved in getting a good workout, but I’m about to give you the Cliff Notes that will guarantee success. The following tips are ones my clients and I use, that should work for you ~ barring bad hormone or Full Moon days! Sleep:
    focus on getting between 7 & ½ -9 hours sleep the night before. This will successfully line up the appropriate hormones and have you rarin’ to go! Proper hydration:
    Once you arise and feet hit the floor, make your way to the kitchen and drink 8-16 ounces of water to ‘prime the pump’. Carry a water bottle with ....

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  • Water - The Missing Link! | Nutrition Coaching in Kirkland & Bellevue

    Did you know that not having enough water will prevent you from loosing weight?How about the fact that water helps energize you when tired? Or that water is a natural appetite suppressant, helping you stay comfortably full?
    All of these statements about water are absolutely true. In fact, water may be the ONLY real ‘magic solution’ to not only achieve weight loss but help you keep it off ~ permanently! Water helps metabolize stored body fat!
    If you decrease
    your water intake you will cause fat deposits to increase
    . Conversely, if you increase water
    intake it will help you decrease stored body fat!
    Here’s why: The kidneys need plenty of water to function optimally. If they ....

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  • Workout Without Leaving Your Office! | Fitness Kirkland and Bellevue

    Are you a career oriented person who spends 47 – 60 hours a week working? Wish you had time to work out but have absolutely NO idea how to fit it in? Or, do you feel nailed to your chair, positive
    that you can’t possibly leave, and perhaps even fearful that taking time off during the day will make it harder to get your work done? Do you realize, too, that so much time spent sitting is horrible for your health? Hang on, because here comes the really great news! Even 5 minutes of movement can make people more successful at their jobs. In fact, studies correlate workplace exercise with job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, instead of ....

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  • Move It! | Women's Fitness Kirkland and Bellevue

    The old adage of ‘use it or loose it’ should become our national motto. There are over 35 chronic diseases and health conditions that can be prevented by regular exercise and physical activity. 92% of adolescents and 95% of adults in the US do not
    meet minimum guidelines for physical activity. Currently, 34.9% of adults are obese, with 50% obesity predicted for the year 2020, if our current situation goes unchanged. Research now stresses that regular physical activity, NOT a drug or a pill
    , is the best way to combat ‘sedentary death syndrome’ (SeDS)
    : chronic, potentially life threatening disease caused by inactivity. Had I not begun exercising to loose my post baby weight I would no ....

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  • Sitting - The ‘New’ Smoking

    Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That something as seemingly innocuous as sitting could be as bad for you as smoking? Can that really be the case?? Approximately five years ago I began seeing research conclusively point to the fact that men, women and children in the U.S. just aren’t moving enough. In fact, our lack of movement is now accorded with the dubious honor of being responsible for most serious and fatal diseases. Following closely on the heals of that information was the fact that if we don’t get up and MOVE at least every 3 hours, we are most decidedly at risk for kidney disease! Wow!! The ‘why’ is fairly easy to figure out. As we become an increasingly more technological society we ....

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  • Keys to Weight Loss Success! | Personal Training Kirkland & Bellevue

    Every year Americans spend millions trying to loose weight and keep it off ~ often unsuccessfully. All the gimmicks in the world won’t help you because they are just that: gimmicks! However, proven strategies will, but you must first invoke two key ingredients: Readiness
    and Preparedness
    . Ask yourself these questions: ‘Am I truly ready to loose weight and keep it off?’ ‘Do I have a known strategy in place; am I prepared
    to make it happen? Keep a food journal.
    When I work with clients on their nutrition goals this is one key tool I use. Begin by writing down 2-3 days of what you eat, and when you eat your meals and snacks. This will give you the bigger picture as to what is truly ....

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  • Client Spotlight - Linda P.

    Linda P. came to me via her Physical Therapist, as she had never exercised in her life, had little to no strength, range of motion difficulties and injuries. Fast forward to 14 years later , and Linda has gained a ton
    of strength, and can now do exercises that would have been impossible when we first met. Planking on the ball and pushing the Sled (with 65lbs!) is no small feat for an lady in her Golden Years! Living a healthy lifestyle and getting a great workout is possible at any age! Contact us at Balanced Bodyworks to see how we can help you reach your goals and live your best life! We specialize in personal training, yoga, and nutrition coaching in the Kirkland and ....

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  • Epigenetics: Change Your Destiny!

    Did you know that your DNA doesn’t need to determine your destiny? That your diet and daily lifestyle influence how long you live, and whether you suffer from the same maladies that affected, or even killed, your parents?
    We’ve all heard people say ‘Well, my parents had diabetes/heart disease/a stroke….’, or ‘I don’t know if there’s much I can do to change things; it’s in my genetics. Epigenetics literally means ‘control over genetics’.
    A fairly new field of study, it exams how environmental signals (lifestyle) impact gene expression, and suggests we can ALL change our destiny, that basically a trigger,
    from either diet, lifestyle, or our environment, is what signals gene ....

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  • Personal Training in Kirkland

    You don’t need to go to a gym to get a great workout! Join us at Balanced Bodyworks to start feeling your best, all in the comfort of a small, judgement free environment. We will bring your workout to YOU! If you're ready to get started on your fitness journey, let us know! Fill out the short form on the right side of the page and we will send you some important information to get started. Or give us a call at 206-595-9516! ....

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  • The Whys and Hows of HIIT Training In Bellevue

    Just like ‘core’ training was a popular buzz word ten years ago, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become THE workout to do if you want to loose body fat
    . Co-incidentally, just like core training had a lot of misunderstanding surrounding it, so too, does HIIT training. You can either work systematically and gain results, or you can work yourself waaaay
    too hard and compromise muscle, not remove a particle of fat, and injure yourself. Once the domain of Olympic Athletes, HIIT training was called Fartlek Training.
    Athletes used a system of ‘work to rest ratios’, to loose body fat and speak to various metabolic pathways, dependent on their ....

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  • The Super Powers of Bone Broth, Part 2 (The Recipe!)

    I know you have been eagerly waiting for this recipe, to embark on your first batch of Bone Broth!
    My choice was to make chicken broth, though if beef or fish broth sound better you’ll find many recipes on the web. A caveat
    : You’ll need to set aside several days to make this soup, from start to finish. Though the recipe says ‘prep time is 15 mins’,
    the process from start to finish is much longer, 2-3 days depending on how you spread out the process. In order to lower your stress level (remember, stress isn’t good for gut health J ) I’d like to give you the original recipe, tell you how I made my first batch, then give you feedback on what I’ll do in the future.
    Chicken ....

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  • The Super Powers of Bone Broth, Part 1

    I know this will sound crazy, but if you would like to heal your gut, strengthen your immune system, lose weight, erase wrinkles and keep your joints healthy, my recommendation is BONE BROTH!

    Sounds like the latest fad, doesn’t it
    ? It’s not a mystery why Hollywood stars are paying $$ for it, every day, and athletes are using it to get an edge on competitors. Our mothers knew a good pot of chicken soup would heal whatever ailed us, as children. The first pot of broth was likely made by our ancestors, not long after they invented fire. Bone broth is truly medicine, at it’s finest. One of the biggest appeals to me is that it heals your gut.
    For the past 12+ years I’ve ....

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  • New Year, New Goals For Balanced Bodyworks - Kirkland & Bellevue

    Health and Fitness Goals in the New Year!
    It’s that time of year again, folks! No matter your health and fitness goals this year, I’d like to offer you some practical tools for success. You’ve heard the saying ‘It takes a village..’? Well, it’s never a matter of doing ONE thing right that guarantees success. It takes looking at all aspects of your life and tweaking things a bit. Here are 8 Steps that my clients and I use:
    It’s ok to have a BIG goal, but know that it’s time and baby steps that will get you there
    . Biting off too much, too soon is guaranteed to get you hurt, discouraged, or both. The tortoise wins the race here…
    Find an exercise or activity ....

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  • About Us - Kirkland and Bellevue Personal Training & Yoga Studio

    Check Out What Balanced Bodyworks Has To Offer!
    We proudly serve the Kirkland & Bellevue areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal training, Yoga, Nutrition Coaching and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! 12404 NE 107th Pl Kirkland, WA Phone: 206-595-9516 Don't forget to click here to Like us on Facebook! ....

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