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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Exercise and Depression

    Research continues to show that exercise, no matter if it’s in green spaces or within the gym, is a helpful preventative against depression. A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry, 2019, states that15 minutes of vigorous activity or one hour of moderate activity may significantly reduce the risk of major depression. Moderate activity is defined as something like walking or gardening. This particular study relied heavily on genome data. Genome data came from large scale genome association databases, collecting information from 611,583 male and female adults. Lead study author, Karmel Choi, PhD, of the Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit in the Massachusetts General ....

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  • Chronic Frenzy ~ What to do?

    Most of us are barraged on a daily basis by a multitude of demands.
    If it’s not work or relationship pressure, or meeting all the demands of daily life, it’s pressure to be constantly connected to all our devices and respond to emails, texts, calls, FB, in a timely manner. Focus is becoming a rare commodity.
    As a society, we are experiencing record breaking levels of distraction caused by the proliferation of technological devices. Many people feel so pressured by the unrelenting fire hose of messages delivered 24/7 that they risk lives to text/talk or email while driving. Multi-tasking, still listed as a core competency for a variety of jobs exacts its own toll.
    When ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Exercise to ‘Grow’ Your Bone Health

    is THE most highly recommended exercise for osteoporosis, but studies continue to confirm that it’s actually the least effective. However, if combined with HIIT and progressive resistance training studies show that it can maintain BMD (bone mineral density) in the hip, lumbar and sacral regions. Progressive Resistance Training (PRT)
    has proven to be the most effective way to improve BMD in women, older adults, and maintain BMD in men. It also has the added advantage of improving muscle mass and strength, growing bone (osteogenesis), and preventing falls. Stair climbing and box squats are two great exercises that cover large muscle groups! High Impact Exercise (HIIT)

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  • For Success, Choose Your Post Workout Snack Before Exercising

    Eating healthy after exercise can enhance your recovery, whereas poor food choices (or nothing!) can actually undo the fact that you exercised at all! In the same way that we might plan other meals in our lives, and shop accordingly, so must we take the right steps to choose good post-workout snacks. A small cooler or even a kiddie insulated lunch bag can help you bring snacks like yogurt, hard boiled eggs, sliced veggies or fruit, low fat cheese sticks, leftover dinner… You are only limited by your imagination ☺ A study in the journal Nutrients found that when people were asked before a workout whether they wanted an apple or a brownie, they most often chose the fruit. By ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Best Exercises for Low Back Pain

    Without fail, these exercises help my clients overcome low back pain issues. In the past 18 years I’ve had literally hundreds
    of ladies come to me with this as a chief complaint. Low back pain is usually caused by a number of issues: poor core strength, tight hip flexors, and too much sitting. Physical Therapists and Chiropractors also invoke these same exercises, often giving them different names. You may recognize them from Yoga classes; indeed the origin is Yoga, which is thousands of years old. Cat/Cow:
    Begin on hands and knees, placing hands and knees in line with shoulders. Take a nice deep breath, exhale and round your back, tucking chin into chest and tailbone in. Pause. ....

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  • Bellevue Personal Training | Any Activity Reduces Mortality!

    We used to believe that only certain activities ‘qualified’ as being challenging enough to improve health and lower mortality. Scientists have recently discovered that we don’t necessarily need to go for a run or a ride, or pump iron at the gym. It seems that ANY activity, whether acquired at the gym or at work has protective benefits! This is great news for many who work long hours and aren’t able to fit in extraneous physical activity. Studies showed that those who engaged in the most physical activity each week had the lowest risk of early death and CVD. That said, only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, was linked with risk reduction. Take a moment to reflect ....

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  • Nutrition Bellevue | Hydration and Your Health

    With the mercury rising every day, it’s more important than ever to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Remember, in hot temps, and especially so if you are exercising, water will often not be enough. It’s important to add electrolytes to your water, to avoid heat exhaustion or worse ~ heat stroke. The addition of electrolytes will keep your heart and brain functioning and stable, and help the body as a whole achieve homeostasis. Our bodies consist mostly of water ~ having enough will keep our bodies happy, while failing to hydrate will make our bodies deeply unhappy. The rule of thumb is “Drink before you’re thirsty!”
    Thirst alone is a poor indication of hydration ....

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  • Nutrition Bellevue | Benefits of Summer Berries in Pacific NW

    Berry lovers in the Pacific NW are entering the perfect time of year! June through July an abundance of luscious strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries will be available to increase our health and happiness. Not to mention the delicious wild blackberries that seem to grow everywhere! Berries offer not only high levels of nutrients such as potassium, fiber, manganese, and copper but a wide variety of antioxidants that make them one of “the most beneficial fruits to eat for prevention of cancer” per the American Institute for Cancer Research. Washington has the highest incidence of cancer on the West Coast, so we are indeed lucky to have these luscious fruits available to ....

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  • Blood Pressure and Aging

    A handful of years ago new data was released stating, essentially, that as Americans got older we could expect an increase in blood pressure numbers (systolic/diastolic), and that this would be the new norm. It’s now official: it’s absolutely NOT the aging process that causes the blood pressure numbers to rise, but the typical Western diet, which means we have complete control over those numbers! The parameters for keeping blood pressure readings reasonable is quite simple: exercise, drink plenty of water, keep sodium intake and processed foods low. This information, supported by research from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, contrasted the lifestyles of ....

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  • Bellevue Nutrition | Busting Fat Myths

    For years fat was badly maligned by the popular press, and we were told to eat no fat or very low fat diets. All of this despite the fact that fat is necessary for hormone production, controlling body temperature and protecting our vital organs. We were also told that eating fat would make us fat, despite the fact that the very opposite is true! As a result people stocked their kitchens with low and no fat items ~ and got fatter. New findings and popular diets such as Paleo and Keto have proven the above myth to be absolutely untrue, and eliminated the stigma of eating good quality fats. One of the interesting things that occurs when the fat is removed from a product is that it becomes ....

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